How to Choose a Shock Collar for your Dog?

shock collars are electronic devices, which are used for obedience training. A shock collar for small dogs are normally quite effective, as they instantly deliver shocks to dogs when they bark too much, misbehave or try to act abnormally or undesirably. These help in discouragement of negative or unpleasant activities. Owners find it easier to manage their pets with these electronic collars. However, there are quite a few considerations to be made while choosing such a device for your dog. Know about the questions to consider.

How Big Is Your Dog?

You have to consider how big your is. A bigger and stronger collar is needed for a full-grown dog. Make sure that the collar fits your dog well, and seems like it can hold up well against rough use. You should also ensure that the collar does not end up choking your canine companion. With a bigger, full-grown dog, you can get a device with a higher shock intensity that allows you to adjust the intensity by many levels. If your dog is small, go for a flat buckle collar with smaller shock intensity.

How Old Is Your Dog?

Your collar choices should also be guided by how old your is. Collars having smaller intensity are ideal for puppies, which do not end up burning them. Collars with higher shock levels are perfect for dogs that are and bigger. The choice of collar should also depend on the breed of your dog. Hounds and are bigger and more stubborn, and need stronger and more intense shock collars with higher voltage intensity and variation levels. However, it is always recommended that you start with a low intensity voltage and check the response of your before moving on to bigger voltage intensity.

How safe is the collar?

The safety of a is crucial to consider. However, you should not base this decision on your own judgment. You should consult a vet or a doctor who studies and knows pet breeds and behavior. Based on various factors, such as breed, and size of your pet, he can guide you about the type of collar that can be the choice for your canine friend. Look for collars that are age-appropriate, and come with higher level of voltage adjustment. Ultimately, collar training is all about positive reinforcement and you would not like to have your dear pet be burnt due to a too high voltage.

How durable is the Collar?

Make sure that the collar has a durable construction. Materials such as leather and nylon are very popular, and can last for a long time. These are picked by many owners, and can serve their purpose well for many months and even years. Even with rough usage, these do not tear apart. There are no risks of your dog clawing it out of place. However, it is important for owners to shear the hair around the neck and nape of their pets before placing these collars, in order to ensure a proper fit. For more information, check out

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