Boston Terrier Video: Crazy Boston terrier in baby’s crib! Must see!!!!

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Crazy Boston terrier in baby's crib! Must see!!!! terrier in baby’s crib! Must see!!!!


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Boston Terrier

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Boston Terrier

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Beauty the Boston Terrier needs loving home


    • Mjglazier77
    • November 11, 2016

    Best dogs ever. My first Boston died almost a year ago . Then I surprised the kids and wife with lily in February . She's almost out of the asshole puppy stage lol. Loyal dogs BBF

    • Putt Pinyawat
    • November 11, 2016

    What lovely dog. Check out lovely Terrier T shirts at

    • Joshua Boatman
    • November 11, 2016

    Ethan and round and

    • Joshua Boatman
    • November 11, 2016

    Ethan and round and

    • Onryo San
    • November 11, 2016

    As it should be the Boston is most loyal to the baby. It should not be any other way.

    • Laura Walker
    • November 11, 2016

    That dog is ugly.

    • Peggy T
    • November 11, 2016

    Haha but they r both adorable my grand daughters baby brother does that she is the oldest her name is Lilee she is 9 years old she has a brother named Ethan and he is 1 years old she luvs her baby brother and I know she does :)

    • Xxcoolkid7xX Vids
    • November 11, 2016

    I Have A Boston Too As Crazy As That One!

    • Crystal G
    • November 11, 2016

    looking after his giggling 'puppy.' Dogs sense age. They're not typically aggressive with infants unless they've been kicked. Animals are our guardians here on eq

    • didjargo
    • November 11, 2016

    He's like "No! I'm being adorable and you can't stop me."

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