A Quick Guide to Buying the Perfect Dog Bed

img_58050dee72f9eThere is no perfect or ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to buying beds. Rather, the that is perfect for your specific pooch will be determined by a number of key factors that you will need to be aware of ahead of hitting the shops to ensure you bring home the right bed.

What are these factors then? Let’s take a look…

Size and Bed Type

Of course all dogs start out as puppies. Consequently, you are likely to need to replace a young dog’s bed numerous times within the first few years of its life. Usually, simply hedging your bets on a bed that you think will prove large enough once your dog reaches its full size does not work out.

Depending on the type of bed you choose for your pet, it is possible that the bed will not last your dog either. Softer and less structured dog beds tend to lose their plumpness and with it their comfort factor over time. Further, beds that are too big can leave a pup feeling overwhelmed, cold and insecure.

Hence, it is important to take your dog’s size, as they stand now, into careful consideration when dog bed shopping. Meanwhile, to explore in depth the different kinds of dog beds available in 2016 and to establish which might be best for your dog, you can do so via the Canine Journal website.

Long Hair vs. Short Hair

Size is not the only thing that is determined by or alters depending on a dog’s breed; the closeness of a dog’s coat can also vary and should as such be taken into consideration when shopping for a dog bed.

A dog with less fur or a shorter coat to keep it warm is likely to require a bed that provides a good level of warmth and insulation. This is especially true of a puppy or smaller breed of dog as both will feel the cold more than larger and longer haired breeds. Therefore, when shopping for smaller and shorter haired dogs, it is worth looking at domed, enclosed and hooded dog beds - all of which as well as providing additional heat can also help to make a smaller dog feel less exposed and vulnerable when in bed.

On the other hand, if you dog is of a larger breed or is long haired, or just has a particularly thick coat, you are going to want to do all you can to keep them cool whilst indoors. Fortunately, wildly hot weather is not so much of a problem usually here in the UK. That said, summer temperatures can be unpredictable and it only takes one hot day to cause a dog to become ill, or worse. Therefore, as well as avoiding the use of enclosed dog beds, thick or mattresses and fleece or highly insulating fabrics, you will also need to pay close attention to a large, heavy, long haired or thick coated dog whilst using their bed in summer.

To learn more about what to watch out for and how to prevent your dog from overheating (which is a much bigger and often less obvious problem than a dog becoming too cold), familiarise yourself with the symptoms now by reading the advice featured on the Dodo website.

Health and Age

Last but not least, as well as size, breed and fur length and thickness, when buying a dog bed it matters to consider the health and age of your pooch.

Simply replacing a worn out bed with the same type over and over again is inadvisable; what you dog needed when it was younger or potentially more mobile might now be causing it problems, or even pain. At worst, a dog can find itself unable to even use a bed when its bed features sides or walls. Then, many older and less mobile dogs benefit from sleeping on a instead of (and rather than used within) a bed, or a large floor cushion such as those sold via the Pet Luxury website.

Further, to help an older or less mobile dog used to sleeping in an enclosed or walled bed transition to sleeping on a mattress, it is worth when possible placing your dog’s new bed somewhere quiet or even under a table to make them feel less vulnerable. Meanwhile, avoid placing a mattress in a hallway or anywhere people pass regularly or any place too out of the way as dogs, just like humans, neither like being disturbed nor isolated.

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