Australian Shepherd Video: Australian Shepherds | The Ghost Eyed Ones

* » Please watch in HD & read the description «

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better
there you go and do it all again
Hope this feeling never ends.
Cause you, you make me happy.”

I had the idea for this in the end of 2013 and after months of working, I could finally finish it.
I just wanted to show the character of this amazing breed, how they are in the everyday-life and what you can do with them.
I don’t want you to just buy an Aussie because of their beauty. They aren’t always easy, so please think about your life with an Aussie first. You should also search for a good breeder who knows many facts about genetic, health, character,…
Never forget, that Aussies were bred as working dogs!

Important: No dog in this video is docked – there are Aussies with a Natural Bobtail, what means that they were born without a tail and that’s totally normal.
All the Dogs in the video are purebred Aussies or Mini Aussies.

Special thanks to Hanny Deckert from Muddy Field Working Aussies and Julia Rehfeld from Lazerta Aussies for the chance of filming the herding clips.

I also want to say Thank You to ALL the owners of the Aussies in this video, it really means much to me how many people visited me with their dogs.

Camera: Canon EOS 600D + 85mm 1.8 USM + 200mm 2.8L USM
Songs: You make me happy – Lindsey Ray
Tears in Wine – Blackanges
(please don’t steel them for your videos, it took me hours to find them)


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Another really beautiful video with this song:

It’s so funny: I didn’t know this video until the owner of Omega commented here under my video and we recognized, that we found the same song and had very similar ideas in the same time. She uploaded hers first, but I really didn’t see it. What a coincidence!

Australian Shepherds | The Ghost Eyed Ones Australian | The Ghost Eyed Ones

Australian Shepherd

* Watch in HD!

Please read the description!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lissy! ♥

Maybe the video is a bit long and I’m not happy with it at all, but I hope you like it anyway!
I think you can’t see how Lissy really is in this video, because we have big problems with loose-leash-walking, hunting, strangers,.. but it would be boring to film and upload this 😀
The hunting is the reason why she’s on leash very often, but usually the leash is only on the harness, we put it on the collar only while swimming.

Auroom – Sunwill
The Highlights – Sunwill

Thanks to Melina, Tina & Tabea for filming some scenes and thanks to Anna for lending me the software!

Canon EOS 550D + EF 85mm 1.8 + EF 70-200 4L + 18-55mm
Adobe Premiere Elements 11

My facebook photopage:

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~ Lissy - 2 Years | Australian Shepherd ~ ~ Lissy – 2 Years | Australian Shepherd ~

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Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd CJ auctions you should keep an eye on:

Australian Shepherd

Click here for more Australian Shepherd info.

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    • Emilia Bailey
    • October 4, 2016

    Where did you get her harness from

    • leonetta is the best
    • October 4, 2016

    Wow scheint ja sehr gelehrig zu sein^^

    • Juliaxway
    • October 4, 2016

    Wie heißt die App wie du die Videos machst p.s cooles Video Daumen hoch

    • Maddy Flowers
    • October 4, 2016

    how do you get so many veiws?

    • Dilek Uzunyoloğlu
    • October 4, 2016

    I enjoy all of your videos! Subbed & Liked!

    • Juliaxway
    • October 4, 2016

    Ich abonniere dich dann später auf jedenfall ich heiße Juliaaanator xd kannst du mich dann Vllt annehmen ach ja ich liebe die Musik von deinem Musik und dein Hund ist der süßeste Hund der Welt

    • Josie S
    • October 4, 2016

    Ist das ein Mini Aussie oder ein normaler?

    • Radovan Stojanovic
    • October 4, 2016

    I love 4:18!!!!!! At this time for me is one funny ford in the song!!!!!

    • bob bobber
    • October 4, 2016

    Whats with the leash. Your smart aussie needs to train you that she doesn't need no stickin leash. Evolve

    • Joshua R.
    • October 4, 2016

    Mein Hund ist auch ein Autralian Shepherd und ihr NAme ist auch Lissy xD

    • Julia Gladyschew
    • October 4, 2016

    Bei welchem Züchter hast du dein Hund gekauft und für wieviel

    • Julia Gladyschew
    • October 4, 2016

    Bei welchem Züchter hast du dein Hund gekauft und für wieviel

    • Alina Essen
    • October 4, 2016

    die kleine ist süß. Woher hast du sie den bekomm?

    • Immagine Studio Adv
    • October 3, 2016

    This song has copyright…We, as Agency, bought that song years ago. So you can't ask to not use it and, i think, you couldn't use it too. We let you know. :/

    • Amy & Eli
    • October 3, 2016

    very nice

    • Catattack kit
    • October 3, 2016

    I might be joining the clubbb eeee getting a new doggy and I think I will get a aussie or a border

    • The Dream Trio
    • October 3, 2016

    They are so amazing <3

    • runkle top
    • October 3, 2016

    Try watching this video, but replace the music already playing with "The sound" by "The 1975", and rewatch.

    • Ikia Huff
    • October 3, 2016

    I get to pick my baby up in 3 weeks I cannot wait so much inspiration in this video. Also got some great ideas on to keeping her active she is a red merle with a blue eyes!

    • Wild Love
    • October 3, 2016

    I'm really fan <3

    • Dandýland xoxoxo
    • October 3, 2016

    aussies are most beautiful dogs

    • Luigi Epic
    • October 3, 2016

    My aussie has brown eyes with splotches of the "ghost-eyed" colors. It's adorable.

    • Lola's World
    • October 3, 2016


    • Michelle Weichert
    • October 3, 2016


    • Snoring GamingGirl
    • October 3, 2016

    This is amazing! But I wonder what the music was in the beginning that goes:
    But again, this is adorable and cute! It looks good and I love it!

    • Meggie
    • October 3, 2016

    I don't know why, but I keep replaying the intro of there faces. They're so cute! :D

    • ItzFrozenfire
    • October 3, 2016

    In had an Australian sheperd named luna but she passed away

    • Hanna Garp
    • October 3, 2016

    Where Did you get your dogs? I have an Aussie, but she has thicker build, and a bit shorter nose. But that might be that she's got the build of the show-dog type. But it does feel like like the breeding goals for Aussies is different in different regions/countries. My dog is from sweden, and its rather normal to see her kind of build.

    I Love this video, and keep coming back to watch it! And your dogs are A D O R A B L E

    • • Ronnie Adventure •
    • October 3, 2016

    best <333

    • Sara Dersonریال‎
    • October 3, 2016

    What this music?

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