With QCHEFS You Can End Your Dog’s Dental Woes

091216_0628_QCHEFSANew1.pngQCHEFS Dental Power Cracker neutralize 80% of the bacteria and so stop plaque and bad breath – a species appropriate dental care!

80% of dogs older than 3 years are suffering from diseases of the tooth holding tissues! QCHEFS unique action principle can prevent this.

In a scientific study it was shown: reduces 80% of caries bacteria! Thus, the formation of dental plaque is prevented. Even bad breath disappears in a short time. The calcium of the cheese dissolves in the saliva and supports the re-mineralization of the tooth enamel.

The other unique feature is the recipe. It is free of grain, gluten, lactose, sugar and additives. The amount of natural vitamins and minerals is higher than average.

That's because each ingredient is a SUPER FOOD: cottage cheese, buckwheat, rapeseed oil and coconut oil. QCHEFS has a protein content of 36%. Those proteins support muscle building. With 40 calories per stick, a low-calorie diet is supported.

As a single protein, it is very suitable for allergy sufferers. Not only owner's noses are happy with the efficient, animal-friendly and odorless dental care – cheese has the same mood lighteners as chocolate!

Now you know why your dog loves QCHEFS so much!

091216_0628_QCHEFSANew6.jpg 091216_0628_QCHEFSANew5.jpg 091216_0628_QCHEFSANew4.jpg 091216_0628_QCHEFSANew3.jpg 091216_0628_QCHEFSANew2.jpg


It starts in Germany, in a start-up company with a young boss.

Anke Domaske is a microbiologist and developed pioneering inventions from milk proteins, such as a 100% bioplastic with the lowest CO2 footprint. Based on this invention, she manufactures natural textiles, that are suitable for allergy sufferers and is awarded with NASA Price and GreenTec Award.

It has also been scientifically proven that cheese reduces 80% of caries bacteria. With this knowledge, a major problem of our four-legged friends can be solved.

The teeth of almost all dogs after age of 3 fall ill. A chewing bone based on cheese can prevent the formation of dental plaque with its anti-plaque effect.

Domaske is back in her small laboratory kitchen and mixes cottage cheese, buckwheat, canola and coconut oil – a great superfood mixture. It is tasted by the souschefs, the dogs Mocca and Bob and found to be very tasty.

There are now 10 different products of QCHEFS available at www.qchefsamerica.com, and other new products cannot be long in coming. 


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