Dog houses: Necessity or Luxury?

Dog houses may seem like an unnecessary luxury to some dog owners, especially for apartment and city dwellers who don’t have backyards and thus keep their dogs inside except for the occasional walk. But they are vital for many suburban dog owners whose pets spend a large amount of time outdoors.

The main reason being dogs, like their human counterparts, are sensitive to various weather conditions. Even dogs bred and built for the rugged outdoors can occasionally succumb to extreme or prolonged hot and cold temperatures. Heat especially, can cause many health problems for dogs.

One of the biggest problems is heat exhaustion. Shade provided by a backyard dog house greatly helps protect dog from direct sun rays. A small enclosure can also provide some self-produced heat during the cold season. Doghouses also provide a dry escape from the rain.

For those worried about the cost, think about this... how much money you would be saving in veterinarian bills in the long run by your pooch not get sick by being exposed to severe weather conditions. It’s a small price to pay for to keep him healthy.

And a dog house doesn’t have to be an eye sore. Now days there are many stylish versions available on the market, including many modern and luxury doghouses. There are also many of various themes, such as tropical looking ones and camper shaped ones.

And if you are one of those city or apartment dwellers you don’t have to make your dog go without. Just get him an indoor dog house. These may not provide Rover with protection from the snow or sun, but they do provide him security.

Dogs like to have somewhere that they can sneak away to to feel safe, somewhere they can call home, inside their home. And they can even help enhance the decor of your room. If you’re going for the contemporary look, get a sleek modern indoor dog house, and throw a modern dog bed in there to enhance the look (and comfort).

Or if you’re going for the more luxurious look get him, or more probably her, a lavish silk padded place to call home. Or get creative and build your own out of an old tv frame, or wooden box, and just paint and decorate it.

The possibilities are endless.

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