Typical Australian Shepherd Training Mistakes Owners Make

Even though they’re famous for being kind, loving and loyal to their owners, the Australian Shepherd isn’t your ordinary house pet. They have some characteristics that can make them a bit challenging to manage especially if not provided with the much-needed Australian Shepherd . Without such training, this working dog with remarkable herding skill is more likely to cause annoyance and regret than delight.

This breed has a reputation as extremely intelligent breed so training should not be a pain in the neck. But as with any other breeds, an owner may come across some issues that could surely affect the training outcome and the dog’s behavior.

First most common mistake is waiting for the puppy to grow older before starting the training. Puppies might have short attention span but it is during this time that they learn effectively considering that they have not developed bad habits yet. If you will wait for the puppy to grow older, you’re only giving it the chance to know many improper habits that are difficult to break.

One more common mistake owners make is utilizing physical punishment to correct the dog’s behavior. Dog experts don’t discourage using physical punishment for nothing. Obviously, this type of modification brings about more harm than good. Smacking, rubbing the nose on the mess or crating for extended period of time may lead to fear, aggressive behavior and many more. It is better to make use of other Australian Shepherd training methods than this.

Negative habits develop if the pet always gets away from its . Several canine owners are guilty of this mistake too. They believe that are too sweet and hence first offense can be easily ignored. However, first offense can potentially result in rare offense and later on constant offense until it has developed into a habit. To stop this from happening, correction should be done the first time your pet made an error.

If bad behavior must not be neglected, good behavior must be given the same attention. Recognizing your pet’s behavior by rewarding it for such good manners is one amazing technique to encourage it to repeat the behavior he’s being rewarded for. By rewarding your family pet, be it with treats or praise, you’re making it aware that you are pleased with the behavior thus it will repeat the behavior when needed to get rewards again.

Australian Shepherd training is an essential part of every dog and owner’s life. It teaches these four-legged creatures how to behave appropriately for them to become well-behaved dogs everybody love to be around. But in order to obtain such outcome, these mistakes ought to be modified as soon as possible.

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Australian Shepherd


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Listen to Your Dog

Learn to listen to your dog. If your dog appears to be uncomfortable meeting another dog, animal or person, don’t insist that he say hello. He’s telling you that he isn’t comfortable for a reason, and you should respect that. Forcing the issue can often result in bigger problems down the line.
Be Generous with Your Affection

Most people don’t have a problem being very clear about when they are unhappy with their dogs, but, they often ignore the good stuff. Big mistake! Make sure you give your dog lots of attention when he’s doing the right thing. Let him know when he’s been a good boy. That’s the time to be extra generous with your attention and praise. It’s even okay to be a little over the top.
Does He Really Like It?

Just because the bag says “a treat all dogs love” doesn’t mean your dog will automatically love it. Some dogs are very selective about what they like to eat. Soft and chewy treats are usually more exciting for your dog than hard and crunchy treats. Keep your eyes open for what he enjoys.
Tell Him What You Want Him to Do

There is nothing inherently wrong with telling your dog “no,” except that it doesn’t give him enough information. Instead of telling your dog “no,” tell him what you want him to do. Dogs don’t generalize well, so if your dog jumps up on someone to say hello and you say no, he may jump higher or he may jump to the left side instead of the right. A better alternative would be to ask him to “sit.” Tell him what you want him to do in order to avoid confusion.
Be Consistent


[RIP] Lost my best friend last week. *Please* make sure you watch your dog like a hawk after giving them any new drugs from dogs

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Dog Training Tips Ariel Hamilton - 15 Life Hacks for Dog Owners! Pet Care Tips + Tricks | Ariel Hami Dog Training Tips Ariel Hamilton – 15 Life Hacks for Dog Owners! Pet Care Tips + Tricks | Ariel Hami

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Australian Shepherd

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