Fundamental Facts To Consider Relating To The Australian Shepherd

The Australian (nicknamed the “Aussie”) is a herding of dog that features in blue merle, red merle, black and red or a variety of other coat colors as well as either blue or brown eyes. The breed was largely developed in the United States during the 1800s despite their name, and they were first used for the primary reason of herding sheep.

Several of their more distinct traits can be their high level of versatility, intelligence and trainability – which all help in making the Australian Shepherd a frequent breed of dog for herding, movie and television roles, guide for the blind, therapy dogs, for search and rescue or as companions in active households.

The Australian Shepherd is legendary for their bold, alert and confident manner. They are generally shy around visitors, which often means they are fairly unsuitable as a guard dog.

The Australian Shepherd is also known to be highly intelligent – though only ranks equal 42nd compared to other dogs in terms of their capability to be trained obedience instructions. They are additionally well-known to be great with children who they may often try to herd without proper training – which means they are quite suitable as a family pet. The Australian Shepherd is usually pleasant with other animals such as other dogs and pets once properly socialized.

Grooming the Australian Shepherd is a fairly easy task. They require only occasional brushing once a week and bathing not too often to avoid removing the natural oils in the coat.

The Australian Shepherd is satisfied with a large yard to play in, and they are largely unsuitable for living in an apartment.

The Australian Shepherd gets pleasure from activities such as agility, flyball, obedience, tracking and herding. They possess a high amount of energy and need to be given exercise each day in the manner of long walks, runs or other physical challenges to inhibit destructive behavior and excessive barking.

The Australian Shepherd could make the right breed of dog for an active owner or family with a large yard and a job to them. They are well-matched to anybody who is willing to execute a small amount of grooming and take time to them early obedience training and socialization plus ongoing mental challenges as well as take them on long walks and bestow a good sum of love and attention. Though they could be a little out of place as a city dog or in a less active household, if you are able to meet their needs for physical and mental challenges then the Australian Shepherd possibly will be the best breed of dog for you. is a website published by dog lovers for dog lovers which provides guidance on a wide range of subjects like dog training, dog health plus guidance on dog breeds like details about Australian Shepherd .

Australian Shepherd

* Tyrone is a 2 y/o Kelpie mix that becomes territorial in the house with guests, exhibits anxious behavior out on walks, and becomes demanding (nipping and jumping) when he wants to play. In order to teach him to regulate anxiety, protective impulses and playful behavior it is necessary to build a strong responses to obedience cues, so that we have the means to communicate when necessary, and redirect his energy to a more positive outlet. Structured games of fetch (featured in video) and tug are also an integral part of Tyrone's training program so that he has a better means of expressing his playfulness. This video was taken over the course of an eight day board and train. A future video will demonstrate how these behaviors can be applied to real world scenarios that generate higher levels of stress and/or arousal.

Australian Kelpie Mix: Fundamentals of Behavioral Training Australian Kelpie Mix: Fundamentals of Behavioral Training

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Australian Shepherd

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    • Diabolik771
    • August 19, 2016

    Mine wants to go after EVERY 4 legged creature. I've never seen such prey drive. He's friendly with dogs. He doesn't give a shit about birds.

    • Tom Newham
    • August 19, 2016

    You don't need to use food to train a kelpie dog, just give it a pat. Kelpies are a very loyal dog and so much so they want you to be happy. If you are happy, they are happy. And they need exercise, lots of it as they are bred for working. Some working kelpies run up to 50 km (30 miles) so take your kelpie for at least an hour walk everyday. If you do this at the same time then your dog will soon know that he/she will get its energy release everyday and will look forward to it. Another way to give your dog exercise is to find a quiet lane, let your dog loose and drive off slowly, they will enjoy just following your car.

    • gegemec
    • August 19, 2016

    Well done. My experience with kelpies is that they train really well without food treats. Dunno what you think.

    • gegemec
    • August 19, 2016

    Kelpie? Nothing like kelpies I know. Also, try and train without food, kelpie training is based around them bonding, and completing tasks, not being trained like robots.

    • BlackRainReaper
    • August 19, 2016

    Hi Alyssa, I need a bit of advice. My Australian Working Kelpie Oreo is 1yr 4 months old, shes 75 pounds. She has issues with dragging me, my sister, and my dad around when we take her outside. She also doesnt do well with other dogs indoors except for my other dog. She doesn't exactly listen to my dad or my sister, she listens to me somewhat. She herds my 5 cats. She has issues with people she doesnt know, she will get her big growly bark and try to jump on them. Its mostly issues with men, facial hair, hats/hoodies, and dark skin. I found her on my porch in December last year and took her in, where I live is popular for dog dumping since I live on an indian reservation and there are no other towns for 5 miles. Any training tips would be very helpful! Sorry for the long paragraph! XD

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