Australian Shepherd Video: Australian Shepherd puppies growing | Time lapse

* Watch the out of Riley & Starr (Skayes) up from 1 week to 8 weeks old!

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Australian Shepherd puppies growing | Time lapse Australian Shepherd growing | lapse

Australian Shepherd

* The Australian shepherd is best known for its quick
maneuvers and intuitive thinking on the range. The is first and foremost a
herder of sheep, but the typical pet owner must make do when there's nothing
around for an Aussie to wrangle.

Breed All About It - Australian Shepherd Breed All About It – Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd

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    • indibindylou
    • August 18, 2016

    Australian Shepherds have naturally short tails. So these dogs tails are not docked, they are naturally bobbed.

    • Jens Kotowski
    • August 18, 2016

    The naturally short tail is a so called half tail. So in germany you can find aussies with half and with long tails…

    • Kaylin Patterson
    • August 18, 2016

    Socialization is the key. In my opinion, expose him/her more than just adults. Kids can be a little less, 'dog conscious' if you will. So the more you take him/her out, the better.

    • Myfuzzbut
    • August 18, 2016

    Some pups are born with natural length tails and these are docked…Thank goodness docking is illegal in Australia..Where incidentally the Australian shepard is not from..It is an American breed…

    • vietsta
    • August 18, 2016

    Their tails are docked as puppies as it annoys them and gets in the way.

    • Karessa Edwards
    • August 18, 2016

    Um my aussie's tail was docked..

    • kelly beecher
    • August 18, 2016

    I love this breed.

    • Ashley Carroll
    • August 18, 2016

    i have a 6 ear old Aussie mix he has a full on tail but he has a tail its not docked

    • Ashley Carroll
    • August 18, 2016

    sam here mine a lan Aussie mix hes brown tan and white

    • AwesomeSauce06
    • August 18, 2016

    Ok some Aussie tails are docked and some are natural bobs I have one with a natural bob and had one with a docked tail it can be both

    • Kelly Boucher
    • August 18, 2016

    My Red Merle boy has a long natural tail 🙂

    • Damion Frost
    • August 18, 2016

    My pup is really protective of me, doesn't like anyone or anything between me and him. He'll whine, cry, bark all that if he can't see me. Only time he doesn't is when he's in his cage, where he likes a lot. He only lets me and one of my friends in the room without being nipped at. My girlfriend can't even sit next to me without him laying ether on my lap or between us. He doesn't like other dogs he doesn't grow up with. He is completely scared of any dog younger than him, doesn't matter if they are bigger or not. Any dog older, he doesn't like. Though i'll never give him up, even if i can't run ouside without him wrapping his front legs around one of mine and playfully biting my leg. While i taught him not to bite people, and he doesn't. But i taught him that its ok to bite while playing, and not a gentle bite nor a hard bite. Its right in the middle, sure kids will cry if they try to play with him like i do. Play tug of war, he'll play nice and not bite you. But throwing a ball or stick for him to chase and get, you'll have fun for the next three hours trying to ether get a hold of him or the toy. He listens to every i say, only thing he wont do for me is the most basic and one of the first things i tried to teach him. "Come" nope, he'll hop around. Though he mostly does that in winter, he loves the snow. 
    Weird thing is, he use to hate car rides and the whole time he is crying. Now he loves car rides but he still crys. Only time he wont cry in the car is 1) its not moving 2) someone petting him. 

    • Jeff Moteleski
    • August 18, 2016


    • Caleb S Schmalz
    • August 18, 2016

    might be rescuing one from my local pound tomorrow they look like wounded full dogs.

    • Lauren Strandt
    • August 18, 2016

    Some people just don't know what they are talking about in the comments Aussies can be born with a tail but the breeders usually dock them and don't give the buyers a choice and it's because a lot of them want the puppies to look the same and not 1 or 2 that look different. And don't say I'm wrong because not only am I getting an Aussie I have don't tons of research and I've seen ones with tails… yeah :)

    • Goodbye
    • August 18, 2016

    Is the voice the Disney channel dude?

    • Shivana Brhamadat
    • August 18, 2016

    watching the dog fly made me think Rinoa from final fantasy 8 was right to pick this dog for her limit break lol

    • 4akerGamer Wins
    • August 18, 2016

    Does that mean they ALL got homes?

    • Toni Cruz
    • August 18, 2016

    My Aussie sort of looks like the dad,but with shorter hair. He is about 10 yrs. old.His name is bullet.

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