The Perpetually Energetic and Industrious Herder, Australian Shepherd

The is a dog that has characteristics that most of us will doubtlessly adore. It is highly intelligent, a superb family dog, trustworthy watchdog and fun playmate; adorable, diligent, and hardworking. In short, this companion is not merely something you can show off but something you can depend on to do an important tasks as well.

Although the name Australian is used by this dog, they are not a native of Australia. According to studies, the came from the regions of either Spain of France in the glorious Pyrenees Mountain area. The breed was marked with the name Australian Shepherd because it is the Australians whom introduced the breed to America and it is in this country that this breed developed and became a household name.

The Australian Shepherd, also interestingly called Aussie, is recognized not only for its sharp intelligence and bursting energy but most importantly, for its innate and outstanding herding and guarding abilities. These qualities are forever marked in their souls that even if those breed that weren’t actually exposed for such jobs or environment, the natural instinct for herding and guarding still comes out whenever they chance upon a flock.

In a farm, the Aussie is an excellent dog doing every task industriously and masterfully such as herding livestock, searching and rescuing lost cattle, and obeying the master whole-heartedly. Inside the house they are amiable and loyal to the family and endlessly playful to the children, however, they are innately doubtful of strangers but this temperament makes them a good guard dog. The Aussie is also recognizable in having a possessive and protective nature towards its masters that’s why you will see them always adoringly tailing and following their masters around!

Being an innately unduly-hyper dog, the Aussie have the tendency to be free-spirited thus running, frolicking, chasing, and endless running again are its natural activities. Neglecting these potentials can be a bad thing for they will direct this unguided energy in to unreasonable romping (it may cause damage to properties), obnoxious barking, chewing on , and others. They may also become adamant and careless and will demand time and constant attention from the masters and this can be quite unreasonable and annoying at times.

For this breed, a regimen of intense physical and mental exercise is a must so as to instill a proper attitude in them. They need to be obedience trained to instill focus and they need to be given active tasks to them a sense of purpose. Being innately overly active, they must be loosed from time to time in to an open field to disperse that huge ball of energy inside them.

If Aussies are owned by a family having a calm lifestyle, this could take an extra effort because of the activities that the dog has to undergo. This pet needs a wide open field for running, jumping, and rough-housing. When not in training, however, they need to be sheltered in a fenced area for the sight of children and other will overwhelm them forcing their nature to come out.

Known in an array of names: Spanish Shepherd, Pastor Dog, Bob-Tail, Blue Heeler, New Mexican Shepherd, and California Shepherd, the Australian Shepherd is without a doubt a superb and excellent working dog! If you yourself hates lying around and couch potato-ing then the Aussie as a dog will bring a most thrilling experience in to your life. Just train them properly and understand their nature, and you have a wonderful active companion.

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Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd

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