Sevierville family’s dog shields 18-month-old child from snake bite

Sevierville family's dog 18-month-old snake bite

But her outlook changed that evening when her family's dog, a 7-year-old Australian mix named Shiloh, protected her 18-month-old son Bryson being bitten by a small venomous Copperhead . Holloway and her husband, who also have a 13-year … Continue reading at

UW lineman Kaleb McGary: ‘I'm finally starting to see speckles of light, man'

By his side, always, was Teton, a Border Collie-Australian mix and Kaleb's closest ally since the boy was in diapers. Inseparable, those two. “Call me a hillbilly, but dude I love that stuff,” Kaleb said. “I love raising animals … Continue reading at

This Pup Is So Good At Following Instructions That You'd Never Guess She's Totally Deaf

Keller is a double merle Australian shepherd. Because of these dogs' genetics, they're often born with severe hearing or sight problems, if not completely deaf, blind, or both. However, there are ways to breed and take care of these dogs in order to … Continue reading at

Australian Shepherd

Pet Tales: Armstrong County shelter is filled with ‘orphans'

One of the dogs in the overflow cages in the hallway was a taffy-colored Australian shepherd mix named Sampson. He caught my eye because he was sweet and friendly and just 6 months old. He, too, grew up during the quarantine. His tail wagged furiously as a … Continue reading at

Nicolas Holzer's Ex-Wife Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Santa Barbara Court

Responders found four bodies with multiple stab wounds, and the family's Australian shepherd, Dizie, had also been stabbed to death, according to the Sheriff's Department. Holzer is currently being held at the County Jail, and has pleaded not guilty by … Continue reading at

A Bloomington nurse draws upon her own struggle with blindness to help others cope with trauma

She suddenly extended her left arm, stretching it out and slightly behind, her hand up as if to halt traffic. Lindi, her Australian shepherd, glanced up from where she'd been snoozing. “Too often, we have this voice in our head saying, ‘I don't … Continue reading at

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

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Hilarious Halloween Outfits for Dogs

hilarious for dogs The Donald Trump one kills me! And the nun and Pope one is so creative. Above: Ruby, an australian shepherd-mix proudly struts her alter ego as Donald Trump at the Tompkins Square Dog . Jason DeCrow/Invision for Purina Beggin'/AP Images … Continue reading at Vacaville woman raising funds […]

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Homecoming parade crash has major impact on counseling services – Daily O'Collegian

parade has on counseling services – Daily O'CollegianHomecoming parade crash has impact on counseling servicesDaily O'CollegianPete's Pet Posse dog Disco, a 3-year-old miniature australian shepherd owend by Rick Eggers, gets pet by Tyler Trail, a mechanical and aerospace engineering freshman, during National Dog Day in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Friday, […]

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