Choosing A Guinea Pig Breed

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If you want to keep pigs as pets there are only two choices that you can make, either you choose a long haired pig or a short haired guinea pig. These are the two groups of guinea pigs and their function as guinea pigs is determine by the length of their hair or fur. The harder to groom of the two is the long haired ones because their fur would need to be groomed and untangled. They are the best to keep as show animals though while the short haired guinea pig is the best to keep as a family pet. Guinea pigs also come in different and here are some of them:

If you want a show breed that is from an old breed of pigs then you can choose the Abysinian guinea pig. Its fur has swirls that are called rosettes which can grow in different directions and makes it look pretty. Compared to other breeds they are harder to groom but are very lovable animals that can live for up to 8 years provided that they are well taken care of.

American pigs are what most people think of when they hear the word guinea pig. They are the best pet for children because they require little grooming for their short fur. They are not ideal for show even though they have different colors.

The Peruvian on the other hand is the most sought after breed to make as show pigs. They have long furs and some even have silky and glossy hair. When you look at their heads from above, you will notice that their hair appears like puddles that come right out of their heads. They will require a lot of time to groom their hair and so are not good to keep as pets.

Silkie or Sheltie guinea pigs looks like the Peruvian guinea pigs but have a different design on their fur. Like the Peruvian too, they have a satin counterpart with soft, silky, glossy hair. They are good only to keep as show animals and not as pets.

Looking exactly like a stuffed teddy bear, the Teddy guinea pig has a short, kinked and wiry textured hair. You can keep this breed as a pet.

Aptly named White Crested guinea pigs have a white circular rosette at the top of their foreheads and in order to be shown must only have this rosette although several have them in different colors.

The Texel has long curly fur that is hard to groom as it tangles easily. Its body is small and firm and it has a big head. It is not ideal as a family pet because of its long hard to groom fur.

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* Lots of Guinea Pigs to choose from but which ones to pick? They were all boy pigs so we didn't pick one today. No pig sounds I am afraid.

Picking a Guinea Pig Picking a Guinea Pig

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