Pup Can’t Hear You? Try Cleaning Their Ears

What are the chances that your is ignoring you because their ears are either impacted from too much wax or have an infection? Well we don’t know the exact figures, but if you’ve never cleaned their ears before then it’s a very distinct possibility that your fur baby isn’t just practicing selective hearing.

Most people underestimate how important ear care is. I probably take it to another level because I’m so anal about cleaning my own ears, and therefore I make it a point to clean my fur kids ears once a week (sometimes twice if it’s very waxy).

If you’re like many pet parents, you might only start to clean your dog’s ears if they start to smell, see discharge from the ear, and see swelling and redness or if your pup has an uncontrollable desire to scratch it. These are very good reasons to take a trip to the vet.

Now, the ears of a dog are extremely sensitive. A lot of people get freaked out if they have to put anything in there, for they fear hurting their pup. Don’t worry, you won’t be sticking anything down their ears, for the most part you’ll be avoiding the actual ear canal.

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Until your pup gets used to getting their ears cleaned, you might need someone to help hold them still. Our little 7 month dachshund doesn’t mind getting her ears cleaned, but when she sees the bottle of cleaning solution she runs for cover.

Same goes when she needs to brush her teeth. It’s so cute, but it really shows you how childlike they really are.

  • With that said when you have your pup in a relatively small area (where they can’t run wild), like the bathroom, try and talk to them. Calm them and let them know you just need to clean their ears and it will be over before they know it.
  • Gather some q-tips or cotton balls. This is entirely your choice. The q-tips will allow you to get into some of the crevices in the outer ear canal, but will take longer to clean.
  • Squirt some witch hazel into a container. Witch-hazel won’t hurt your baby’s ears, not only does it have a natural cooling effect but it’s also a wonderfully natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Dip your q-tip or cotton ball in the witch hazel and begin to gently wipe away at the wax and debris. Remember, once the q-tip or cotton ball is dirty, throw it away and use a new one.

You’ll want to continue wiping until your pups ears are clean. Now here’s the important part, don’t wait until months or years later to clean your pet’s ears again. Or worse, please don’t wait until they are in pain.

By getting into the habit of cleaning your pups ears once a week (even every two weeks) you’ll lessen the chance of ear infections and having to make numerous trips to the vet.

Not to mention your pup will thank you for it, by always listening to you. Just kidding about the last part, but we can dream, right?

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