Working Dogs: Pooches Are Perfect For Beating Bed Bugs!

dogs_and_bedbugsWhen you think of pests in your home, you probably think about those creepy crawlies and the frustrating scamper of mouse feet in the late hours of the night, am I right?

Well, another one to add to your list is bed bugs. These tiny little creatures are hard to spot - even when you’re trained to do just that - and they can live anywhere in a room, not just the bed. So, humans have developed a friendly and tail wagging solution to this problem: dogs!

The idea of dogs working in pest control works the same way as those dogs who sniff out bombs or drugs…they use their nose to guide them towards the pests, and then they signal to their human partner than they’ve found them. From there, the treatment methods are put into place, and the duo can move onto the next area and quickly scan that one for bed bugs too.

Not only are dogs dedicated workers and love using their nose to sniff things out, dogs are also very good at what they do. This means that humans paired up with canines will get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time, with the sniffing out the bedbugs while his human counterpart gets the treatment equipment quickly into place.

It can take humans ages to exactly locate bed bugs due to their small size and favourite hard-to-reach hiding holes, but a dog can sniff a room down and mark it as clean - or not - in a matter of minutes. Although the concept of working dogs is nothing new, it’s incredible to see that man’s best friend is such a help in an area as obscure as the pest control industry.

If it takes a friendly, carefully trained dog to sniff the creatures out, then that’s what professional companies are willing to do in order to explore alternative options, getting the job done quickly as well as professionally.

While this is still a relatively new idea, it’s gaining popularity fast, and it is easy to see why that is the case. There is many a local pest control company seriously considering the gain of a trained dog to their staff, and the number of companies using this strategy is increasing all the time.

After all, bedbugs are found in all sorts of places, especially hotel rooms and student campuses, so it’s important that one infestation gets rooted out and dealt with before it becomes a larger issue. Just think about it in terms of a hotel…can you imagine how fast a bedbug infestation would spread and the damage it would cause? Phew.

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