Sheltie Video: Sheltie (Welpe) spielt mit Wellensittich

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Sheltie (Welpe) spielt mit Wellensittich () spielt mit Wellensittich

* Our Howard from 8 weeks to a beautiful adult Shetland . The music is “Sleeper” by Casale and can be downloaded at

Our Sheltie Puppy from 8 Weeks to Adult Dog Our Puppy from 8 Weeks to Adult Dog

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    • Kiki
    • July 6, 2016


    • Sharmila Saheed
    • July 6, 2016


    • devlburd
    • July 6, 2016

    shelties are the bestest !!!!

    • Monica Dennis
    • July 6, 2016

    how long did it take for him to get poofy?

    • Tommy Shannon
    • July 6, 2016

    My family is on our third sheltie, we love them! The first two had long dark hair, but our current one has the shorter orange hair like this one

    • July 6, 2016

    So lovely….

    • HappyCupcake 203
    • July 6, 2016

    those are two of my dogs named charle and spino.those are my buffy dogs.

    • Meerkat Ratcliffe
    • July 6, 2016

    Im getting a sheltie puppy next week!! So excited!!

    • 2102ofSpirit
    • July 6, 2016

    I had to put one of my Shelties down yesterday because of cancer. He was only 12 years old and his name is Spencer. I'm feeling blue, and your video made me feel better because you are a lover of Shelties. Thanks for posting!!!

    • Trainbrain1949
    • July 6, 2016

    My family has had 5 Shelties. Unfortunately 4 crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We still have our youngest, Butterscotch. Watching him grow up with our cats is amazing.

    • Lara-marie Hofmann
    • July 6, 2016

    wie süss

    • Budgie Parakeet Tv
    • July 6, 2016

    süße tiere

    • Melissa Angel
    • July 6, 2016


    • Manuel Richter (Rikkusballerbude)
    • July 6, 2016

    Wer das nicht süß findet ist innerlich tot….

    • DL6UK
    • July 6, 2016

    Oh how sweeeeeeeet.

    • Girls live
    • July 6, 2016

    der Hund ist cool♡♥

    • dima_diwade
    • July 6, 2016

    What is a kind of dog?

    • Kelly Shypoulos
    • July 6, 2016

    So süß!!!!
    Wie heißt euer Wellensittich denn? :)

    • Wellensitich HD
    • July 6, 2016

    Unendlich Süß

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