Janet’s Top Ten Glamorous Dog Collar List

We want to share with you a wonderful of the top 10 Dog Collars that Janet, the head of our pet society feels will be in this year. A lot of them you are already probably familiar with but they all have amazing value in your dog's life

10. Multi-colored/rainbow Dog Collars When you can't pick any one color, this will work. Or if you feel the need to off your happy blue skies kind of feeling.

9. Plaid Dog Collars A simple choice for the every dog. Sweet and lovable, just like most dogs out there. Perfect for the Sheltie, Westie, and so on.

8. Argyle Dog Collars This is like plaid for preppies. When you want the world to know you like your polo shirts go for this. Your dog will thank you for it. It's good on the fly as your everyday . It goes with whatever mood you're having.

7. Rhinestone Dog Collars The sassy dogs will love a little bling bling. I see these on a poodle and shih Tzu's. This for a dog who is special and knows it. A dog that can stand out from the crowd and fit in to the flock.

6. Leather Dog Collars These are the one that will last, durable and reliable. They are strong and tough. Something that makes you think of a loyal companion always by your side.

5. Camouflage Dog Collars These are not just for hunting dogs. A nice pink camouflage looks on all colors of dog. The classic green is perfect for the special Lab or German Short hair to show off his favorite pastime.

4. Paw Print Dog Collars These are the classic cute collars we can all grow to love. They just scream happy go lucky dog. Perfect for the family dog who is happiest taking care of his people.

3. Spike Dog Collars Ahh, the classic spike . Can't you just picture a fierce bulldog or big bad boxer all decked out in his spike collar. Something about it just says, I am one tough dog.

2. Leopard Dog Collars A close second. Leopard is so sassy and perfect for the little yorkie or sassy Chihuahua. Even better is a leopard print with a little fringe or your dogs initial.

1. Pink Dog Collars This is the top collar. Perfect for showing off that prim and proper little girl who has stolen your heart! You cannot go wrong with pink, baby or bold, bright or subdues, pink Rocks!

Maurice Castle loves dogs. He's studied personalized dog collars to cool dog collars . For info on pink dog collars go to http://www.pink-dogcollars.com.


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