Tips for Finding Dog Treats You Will Both Love

For owners and lovers alike there are many dog available for your faithful little friend. One kind of dog treat is the raw hide bone. Shopping for dog treats online gives the owner a tremendous amount of suppliers that offer good prices for your dogs playful treats. Most stores offer a variety of flavors, sizes and variations of hide they come from IE: pig, beef, etc.

From owning dogs in the past, I always found that this was one of their most beloved treats. The two dogs I owned were different in size. Therefore I had to buy two different treats for each of them. Being that raw hide has a tendency to soften as your pet consumes it, it is vital to watch them as they chew on it. The raw hide in rare cases has come off in larger chunks and could choke your dog or even cause problems further down the digestive system if not properly chewed. Although this treat helps to keep your dogs teeth white it is important to monitor them whenever eating a raw hide.

There are many different kinds of dog treats that are offered on the internet. Treats from squeaky toys to natural food dog treats can be found everywhere online. Some of the natural treats being offered are hard substances that are not easily chewed and therefore last longer. These treats are offered in most cases for the dogs that have problems keeping their teeth clean. These treats are also easy to digest unlike the raw hide. They also come in a variation of flavors and shapes.

Then there are the nonfood play treats that most all dogs … the squeaky toys! Although your faithful friend may love them, it often takes a toll on the ears. Depending on your pets size and aggression when playing with these treats you should buy a treat that fits your pet size. Say your dog is a Lab, you would need to buy a larger toy than if you owned a Sheltie.

With their strong teeth and jaws most large dogs can easily chew through these toys to the actual squeaker that is inside in no time flat. This too is dangerous on your pet and they will need some supervision so that he doesn't get to that point. For little dogs it is often quite simple. Many squeaky toys are already the perfect size for most smaller dogs and offer them countless play time.

Many sites you will find while shopping for dog treats and toys online will offer a percentage off for buying a certain quantity of dog treats/products. Many sites I found also offer dog treats of all natural bone that lasts a long time. In finding treats such as these, many sites also offer huge savings rather than buying the treat that lasts for only minutes in the regular stores.

The one thing I would like owners to take into consideration is that treats such as dog bones, milk bones, sausage treats, etc. should be given in moderation. Although it is tempting to give those cute little dogs something they love, it doesn't substitute a good diet and can even upset their stomach if you give them too much.

Dogs love their owners unconditionally but it often seems that they will love them even more when treat time arrives. It is a special time for the pet and its owner to have some quality play time that is specially set aside for them. Take your time to carefully choose treats and toys for your dog that you can enjoy on into the future.

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