Should You Learn Pet First Aid and CPR? It Might Save Your Dog!

According the American Animal Hospital Association, far more animals needing medical attention could survive if owners were familiar with correct and CPR techniques if an emergency arises.

Dog owners generally do a great job caring for their pets by providing food, supplements, skin care, dental care, shots, and so on. Yet, they can still come up short understanding basic first aid if an emergency should occur.

What if your dog needed emergency aid such as CPR or emergency first aid?

Consider the situations your dog might encounter:

  • Lacerations and bleeding
  • Poison ingestion
  • Drowning
  • Choking
  • Broken bones and Sprains
  • Insect Stings or Bites form other animals
  • Burns or Injuries caused by severe cold

This is just a list of generally minor, but occasionally life threatening occurrences all dog owners should be prepared to handle.

You should consider assembling an emergency kit with with

  • Muzzle – to prevent biting during an emergency situation.
  • Scissors – handy for removing foreign objects entangled in your dog’s fur.
  • Tweezers – for removing splinters, ticks, or other objects lodged in paws.
  • Gloves – to remove lodged food, deal with blood, or worse. Your own safety is important, too.
  • Towels – for stopping excessive bleeding, cleaning wounds, or providing compression for a fracture.
  • Gauze and Medical Tape – numerous uses, but primarily to stop bleeding or wrapping a broken bone.
  • Your Vet’s Phone – put this on Smartphone’s speed dial – most Vets utilize a 24-hr emergency call center.
  • National Poison Control Center: 1-888-426-4235.

Medical aid for your dog at some stage in their life will be critical. Being prepared will be 70% of the struggle. Your readiness and ability to act could save an important member of your family!

There will come a time when rushing to your Veterinarian will NOT be possible. Be prepared, for you and your family to take action when your dog or puppy will need you the most!



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