How To Safeguard Your Dog From Ticks

Dogs are a furry lovable buddy and they hate ticks. Hence, you need to show a careful attention to them because they can be susceptible to annoying ticks. Ticks can bring a detrimental effect to dog’s body and health in general. In addition, this can also transfer to you especially if you are exposed to it more often. Thus, you need to safeguard your dog from ticks so that you and your family will likewise be protected.

To protect dogs from ticks, there are a lot of things that you can easily do. Here are the following steps to spare your furry friend from ticks:

Do homework. One thing that you can do is to learn important things about ticks and the diseases they bring in area. In this situation, you will better comprehend the risks that ticks can bring to your dog.

Consult a vet. You will also have to talk to an esteemed professional North Ryde vet . veterinarian will tell you about various preventive measures in protecting your friend from ticks such as topical medication, using the right collars for the ticks, and vaccines to your dog when it has Lyme disease.

Opt for a pet test. It is necessary to have pet tested every year to diagnose whether it has a disease or not. If the test is positive, there is a treatment that is available to help your dog become healthy and achieve a longer life.

Look for control products. For preventives or vaccines, North Shore veterinary specialist centre recommends several products or medications available in the market that will help you protect pet from ticks. While some veterinarians will suggest that you need to put topical medication or a tick collar to pet, others might also vaccinate your dog to avoid . Thus, whatever your veterinarian recommends you, those are definitely the best measures for the safety of your dogs.

Take a closer look. It’s also a great help to check on pet every day, particularly during spring, summer and fall because these are the times where ticks grow and thrive. When checking your dog, you should brush their fur using your fingers and apply ample force to feel if there are small bumps. Make sure that you check between the toes of your dog, behind their ears, under armpits, around their tail, and around their head, if you find a small bump, you should pull the fur apart for you to see what is there. A tick that lives on the fur of your dog varies its size; it looks like a pinhead, a grape or something else. They become bigger once they live there for a quiet period of time.

If ever dog is already infested with ticks, you can use tweezers. This task is not just intended for an overnight so you have to be more patient. Next, bathe your dog with a soap and warm water and then dispose the ticks.

Make your dog a tick-free buddy. These tips will help you get the job done. Most importantly, the best way to safeguard your dogs from ticks is to love them completely and other things will surely go fine for your pets and their owners.

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