Finding Lost Pets Quickly and Easily

Losing your precious furry loved one can one of the most heart breaking and traumatic experiences that any owner can go through in their lives. Unfortunately, losing your is more common than you may think, and on average, one out of every three get lost or disappear at least once in their lives.

To avoid this, we employ the use of dog tags to protect our from truly being lost forever. But sometimes these dog tags are inefficient and do not give your pet the security you may desire.

Fortunately, the experts at have found the perfect solution to this unfortunate problem.

Today, pet owners may feel reassured in the knowledge that there is a smart . This dog tag is the absolute best doggy finder on the market today, and utilizes the most recent and latest technologies to bring about the most protection possible for your furry friend.

Such technologies include the use of QR and GPS technology.

QR dog tags make finding any pet and returning it to its proper owner a breeze. All one has to do is take their smart phone and scan the smart dog tag. All it takes is to be within inches for a scan to properly work, and instantly the dog’s basic information will pop up on your smart phone screen. Where the dog lives, who the owner is, and the owner’s phone number are just three things that this scan includes.

Not only does it give vital information to the person who has found the pet, but it also instantaneously sends an SMS message to the dog’s owner, informing them that their dog has been found. It even gives the dog’s precise GPS location!

Gps, Navigation, Garmin, Device, Longitude, LatitudeThis instant alert is just one reason why so many dog owners across the country are switching from traditional dog tags to’s smart dog tag. Already thousands of owners across the country have used the Doggy Smart Tag to their advantage in protecting their , and each day hundreds of people join the already expanding community.

None of this would be possible without Near Field Communication technology, which is the latest and greatest new innovation on the market today. By including this system into dog tags, owners can always feel secure in knowing exactly where their are. It is not only easy to keep track of your dog, but also to find them as well.

Doggy Smart Tags even include the building of personalized profiles on a website for your dog. This site is entirely unique, and is accessed through the simple QR smart phone scan.

Why not give it a try today? Thousands of others have already switched to Doggy Smart Tags, and none have come to regret it.

Only with Doggy Smart Tags can you find your dog in times of trouble, or keep tabs on their location in general. That is what makes these smart tags so unique and desired!

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