Chihuahuas Video: Cute chihuahua dancing Flamenco

* Cute Chihuahua dog , soooo cute and he is dancing professionally.

Cute chihuahua dancing Flamenco Cute chihuahua dancing Flamenco

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I have been breeding Canadian Kennel Club Registered Chihuahua since 1995 and am a second generation Chihuahua breeder. I specialize in Toy breed dogs. I have assisted in over 47 Veterianarian c-sections. I know what I am doing and do not hesitate to go to my Veterinarian if I feel any of my dogs are at risk. Toy breed dogs are a man make breed and if left to deliver pups by themselves, you risk the pups' death as well as the adult female's life. Do your research and plan ahead. If your dog was purchased as a pet, it should be spayed/neutered. If you purchased your dog for breeding, it should be registered purebred and be to the breed standard. Be a responsible breeder and don't just breed any dog you get your hands on to.
Educate your self. Keep your Chihuahua safe.

Jones Chihuahuas CKC Female Chihuahua Clementine's Long Hard Labour To Give Birth To Large Pup Jones Chihuahuas CKC Female Chihuahua Clementine's Long Hard Labour To Give Birth To Large Pup

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