Great Dane called Bear is NSW’s tallest dog at 92cm from paw to shoulder

Dane called Bear is NSW’s tallest dog at 92cm from paw to shoulder

AT 92cm from paw to shoulder, Bear from Bonnells Bay has been named as NSW’s dog. But the towering , who loves to spoon with his owners and prefers to drink from the sink rather than stooping to a bowl, is still 10cm shy of his American … Continue reading at

Great Dane: ‘He’s my angel’

A five-year-old Taber boy is being praised for remaining calm and brave during a time of crisis. On Thursday morning, St. Patrick School in Taber held an assembly for Dane DeGraw, a kindergarten student who called 911 in December after his mother collapsed … Continue reading at

The Great Dane

My human has been interested in learning more about the Great Dane. We have met some through the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League’s (MAGDRL) Meet and Greet events in Woodbridge, VA. Dad has also had the opportunity to photograph a few Great Danes! Continue reading at


Girl’s nose bitten off by Great Dane

A five-year-old girl’s nose has been partially bitten off after a “beast” dog attacked her in her front garden. Emergency services were called to a home on Bombala Street in Pendle Hill at about 7.30pm, where they found the girl with facial injuries … Continue reading at

Savage dog that bit most of five-year-old girl’s NOSE off while she played with it in her front yard ‘belonged to the child’s aunty who now wants it destroyed’

The girl has undergone surgery to re-attach part of her nose after she was mauled by a Bull Arab-Great Dane cross at her home in Sydney’s west at 7.30pm on Thursday. It is believed that the dog was chained up and may have just been fed before the … Continue reading at

Sydney dog attack: Girl in stable condition after losing part of her nose in Pendle Hill mauling

Dog responsible for attack believed to be Bull Arab crossed with Great Dane Police say food was around dog when girl attacked Fate of dog yet to be decided The girl was bitten by a large dog in the front yard of her home on Bombala Street, in Pendle Hill … Continue reading at


SPECIAL REPORT: Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Kirbay Preuss knows what having pets, a lot of pets, can bring to a family. “We are definitely best friends,” said Preuss, about her new great dane puppy, Bruce. She grew up in the Old Town store, Preuss Pets, and the animals were her family. “They’re all … Continue reading at

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