Chihuahua Coats: Smooth And Long Haired

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We all have a basic idea of what your average looks , but did you know that it is classified by the type of it has? The two main types of Chihuahua coats are the and long coat/long Chihuahua.

In the variety, the texture is , glossy, and coarser than the hair of a long coat. Some Chihuahuas have heavier coats than others, and will have an “undercoat.” The perfect coat in this category is one that is even over the body (sparser on the ears and head), ruff at the neck, with furry hair on the tail. A Chihuahua with a short coat does shed, albeit minimally.

On the other hand, a long haired Chihuahua’s coat texture is soft and can be flat or have soft curls. The ears have a cute fringe and the tail has full hair. The Chihuahua’s feet and legs have slight feathering, the hind legs have “pants,” and the neck should have a larger ruff.

A thin coat Chihuahua would normally be a disqualification for show. Many breeders state that the has a gentler temperament than that of a short coat Chihuahua (although some people disagree). Long coats shed, but like the short coat, it is minimal.

Generally, a long haired Chihuahua will need to be cleaned more often than the short coat. The front side of the coat on the chest, called the bib, can get dirty and matted.

You also want to keep the rear end of a long coat Chihuahua clean since fecal matter and other particles can become stuck to the hair. For this problem, you can either clip the hair shorter in that area or bath the entire Chihuahua (or just that area) more often.

No matter the coat type of this loveable dog, correct grooming techniques will make its coat shine just like new. Oh, and one last thing — don’t forget to give your Chihuahua’s coat a bath every so often!

You can read more about Chihuahua Grooming here.

Michael J. Warren is the author of an invaluable resource for both new and current Chihuahua owners, “The Ultimate Chihuahua Care Handbook.”

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