German Shorthair Video: German Shorthair Pointer Hunt

, “Cabela” Hunting pheasants at Cottonwood Club with trainer Ted Hoff. Cabela shows off his german shorthair hunting skills. 970-921-7100

German Shorthair Pointer Hunt German Shorthair Pointer
German Shorthair

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German Shorthair

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German Shorthair

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German Shorthair Video: My German Shorthair Pointer Axel going Crazy (2).MOV


    • Ted Hoff
    • November 20, 2015

    @thecrazykid121 yes very important to introduce birds at an early age!!

    • Ted Hoff
    • November 20, 2015

    @lolpranks101 they are the best!1

    • kyle marquard
    • November 20, 2015

    how much is a german shorthaired pointer puppy usually cost?

    • Christian Guzman
    • November 20, 2015

    Man what a beautiful dog. I really want to add hunting to my hobby list and I am currently looking into buying a GSP. Have any tips for me? I'm in the military so I'm more used to assault rifles and not shotguns. What types of guns would you recommend for a begginer hunter? Any other things you would recommend it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Amanda Frost
    • November 20, 2015

    i have a 2 year old gsp named beemer hes a awesome dog

    • justindecipherable
    • November 20, 2015

    This is incredible. I want to raise GSP hunting dogs and sell them now.

    • theSullivanMedia
    • November 20, 2015

    im selling puppies if your interested 650 each

    • Ubuuuroi
    • November 20, 2015


    • tigerapple12
    • November 20, 2015

    how did you train your dog

    • Steve M
    • November 20, 2015

    I got a GSP Pit bull mix, he run Circles around the pure bread Pit he shares the house with. His smarts are truly amazing. He knew the name of his 4 toys by 6 months and would go retrieve them at command. By far the smartest dog I have had in my life.

    • Patch5636
    • November 20, 2015

    Can you please upload a video of your dog, would love to see it.

    • Steve M
    • November 20, 2015

    I will get one done tomorrow for ya if I can…

    • AriaRoseeXD
    • November 20, 2015

    Is your GSP hyperactive and addicted to food cause mine is??

    • Alex Watkiss
    • November 20, 2015

    @Kristyn Sweeney yea mine is. She is 10 weeks old. My gsp is a spaz and loves to eat rawhides. She will eat 2 a day and they are big

    • Ali Cox
    • November 20, 2015

    Our GSP is 18 months old (Banjo) and is the light of our lives. We don't hunt him, but his instincts are great. He is a very quick learner, great with kids, and helped me train for a half marathon!

    • Andreas748
    • November 20, 2015

    hyperactive? these dogs were bred to RUN. They need LOTS of exercise….

    • birdman3931ny
    • November 20, 2015

    the birdman says… this is the best breed for the outdoorsman.

    • Nicole Nielson
    • November 20, 2015

    Nice dog!

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