Four Hacks for Pet Owners that Want Clean Carpets

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Having and clean carpets happens to be a mission impossible for many. Hair, dirt and those very typical pet stains are all common issues preventing ideal hygiene at home.

If you're already feeling the desperation, we have some good news for you. It's possible to enjoy perfectly clean and odor-free carpets while having fun with your pets. The following hacks are a must for just about every pet owner.

House Training

The first and most obvious thing to do is take house training to the next level. A young puppy will learn quickly that a mess has to be kept outside the home.

An occasional mess can still happen but it's a lot easier to do a spot treatment once every few months than to spend most of your time on your hands and knees, scrubbing away at the stains.


You may want to open your own pet spa or you may consider frequent professional grooming. It all depends on the breed. If you have a long-haired puppy or kitten, you'll need to do grooming more frequently.

Apart from being great for your carpets, grooming will also prevent the formation of painful tangles and knots. Your pets will be really thankful.

Vacuum and Clean the Carpet Frequently

When you come home from a walk, it's inevitable for your pup to bring some dirt inside. Get in the habit of vacuum cleaning the carpets frequently. To get the best results, you'll have to choose the right model.

The strength of suction is the first characteristic to examine before buying a vacuum cleaner. A HEPA filter is also a necessity. The filter can capture even the smallest particles, pet dander and dirt. It's great for your carpets and it's also particularly beneficial for the homes of allergy sufferers.

Investing in a good pet carpet cleaner can also be a good idea, as they have hair baskets that helps you deal with the pet hairs, and also provide solutions to eliminate odor.

Cleaning Messes Immediately

Don't wait for a stain to get soaked deep inside the carpet fiber. The longer you wait, the more difficult it's going to be to get rid of the stain and the odor. A good pet carpet cleaner can be bought in just about every store. Alternatively, you may consider making your own cleaning solution.

An excellent carpet cleaner for pet stains can be made from white vinegar diluted with water. The vinegar will brighten up the carpet and deodorize it at the same time.

Whatever you do, don't scrub the stain with a brush. Intense scrubbing will simply enable the impurities to penetrate the fiber. Try to absorb as much of the liquid as possible with paper towels. When done, do a spot treatment with your cleaning solution of preference.

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