5 Ways to Remember Your Dog

Your dog is not just an animal, he or she is your friend, so it makes perfect sense to mark the passing of your best friend.  Finding a memorable and personal way of saying goodbye and to honour their presence is important.  Not only can it be an emotional process as we continue our lives without them but creating a pet sculpture or scrapbook will mean they will always be with us.

We take a look at five ways to remember your dog.  Detailed below are just a few ways including getting a pet sculpture as we have just mentioned, writing a diary or creating a photo collage.  Many of these ideas are therapeutic and will help you cope with the recent death of your dog.


This is a time for you and those close to your dog to say goodbye together and share those happy memories.  You can choose to hold a service anywhere that feels right for you.  It can be a pet cemetery, in the comfort of your own home, at your dog’s favourite park or at another place that reminds you of those special times together.


Research pet urns and you will find lots of beautiful ones available to keep your dog’s ashes forever.  You can keep them in your home or store them in an urn for when you are ready to transport them to a place that holds a special place in your heart.  It would be a nice idea to have a pet sculpture of your dog created and the ashes are scattered next to this.  The pet sculpture will always remind you of where you scattered your precious dog’s ashes.


We have mentioned considering a pet sculpture from Arty Lobster but other suggestions include planting a tree or having a flowerbed in your garden.  You could attach a small plaque to a vase or flowerpot.  There are lots of choices available to you.


Creating a photo collage or a pet scrapbook is a wonderful idea.  Alternatively collate all your favourite pictures of you and your dog together and put them in a photo frame ready to put on the wall in your home.


Writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic.  Lots of people choose to write a poem about their dog’s life or a short story.  Alternatively consider writing a letter to your deceased pet telling him how much you care for him and reminding him/her of the things you did together.  There are also people that create a blog for other people to read.  This helps other people who have recently lost a pet too.

We hope we have given plenty of tips and guidance on how you can remember your dog.  Our favourite one is getting a pet sculpture.  These are fantastic as they can be created capturing the features of your dog.  Display it in the garden and it will always remind you of your dog.

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