Dog & Puppy Advice – Bringing Home Your First Miniature Schnauzer

Dog & Puppy Advice - Bringing Home Your First Miniature Schnauzer

If you have decided that the dog that you wan to become your personal and loving companion is going to be a miniature schnauzer, you need to realize that this little breed is very loving and is a ball of energy and can also be kind of a little show off. So you need to be prepared for that. You should make sure that you have time a lot of time that you can spend with him because he is going to demand it.

Before you bring your new friend home you should make sure that you have the things that he’s going to need to have a comfortable home, you should probably get a dog bed, some dog bones, several different brushes, some dog conditioner, dog shampoo, a couple of dog dishes, flea comb, healthy dog food, different kinds of sprays for grooming, a dog , toys and dog nail clippers.

Make sure that your schnauzer is taken to the vet and receives all of his shots and that you continue to give him his yearly booster shots so that you maintain his immunity up against a variety of different diseases. You should also make sure then once he becomes an adult dog that you get him wormed about every three months or so and make sure to consult your vet about the best flea products to control flea infestations, they have a tendency to be highly allergic to fleas.

You should also make sure that your little schnauzer is fed with a very high quality dog food. When you are looking for a product make sure that the very first item listed on the ingredients is meat. Your little companion should eat no less than 30% protein and no less than 20% fat. The fiber in your dogs food should be 4% or even less. So it’s important that you read the labels carefully.

When your dog is veryMiniature Schnauzer you need to consider letting him get to know other dogs because these little balls of energy can be very aggressive with other dogs and they don’t care what size they might be. If you don’t socialize your dog then your dog is really going to have to be watched when you are in places with other dogs.

Since schnauzers are very energetic it is very important that you take your dog out for a daily walk or even take him somewhere he can do a lot of running to burn off that energy. Make sure however; that when you are in areas where there might be other dogs, even if they have been socialized, that you have him on a leash. Not only are they energetic they are also fearless.

In order to maintain a nice healthy coat you really need to brush your dog’s coat on a with a brush with wire bristles. You should also take him in to the pet groomer at least twice a year for a professional hair trimming. You also should try and cut their nails about every three weeks.

Realize that miniature schnauzers tend to be prone to getting things like kidney stones, disease of the liver, disorders of their skin, a bleeding disorder called Von Villebrand’s disease as well as dog diabetes. So make sure that he is taken care of properly. If he is taken care well you can expect your little companion to live for around 15 years of age.

Note: This little guy does have a tendency to bark a lot and are not always very receptive with strangers.

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