The Doberman Pinscher: The Best and the Worse

When I was a kid, Pinschers scared the bejesus out of me. They looked and acted so ferocious. Eventually I discovered they are much like any other dog. Proper training and nurturing are the key.

35 Reasons Doberman Pinschers Are The Worst Breed EVER

No, not really. This humorous look at the Dobie from BowWow Times will set the record straight 🙂

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Is Known As The “Horse Whisperer” Because Of One Special Friendship

Meet Boss. He’s know as the “” because of his friendship with a horse named Contino. Here’s a great article and video from Reshareworthy about the odd relationship.

Boss the Horse Whisperer

Watch This Doberman Playing Hide-And-Seek

Here’s a high-energy dog engaging in an enthusiastic game of hide-and-seek. Her expressions are just too cute to describe. From ViralNova.

The 10 Most Awkward Doberman Sleeping Positions

The Doberman is well known for sleeping in the most awkward positions. BuzzSharer collected what they consider to be 10 of the best. Enjoy!

Sleeping Doberman

Sweet Doberman gets a manicure from little girl

You never know what a dog will do – even one with an aggressive reputation – to please his human. This little girl gets away with painting her dog’s nails. Most dogs don’t like their paws handled, but this dog exercises the ultimate in patience. And, the colors combination in the end is outstanding. From (Would you call this a DoberManicure? 🙂


What is your experience with Doberman Pinschers?

Do you have a story to share? Tell us about it about it in the comment section below.

Later, gator.

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