30+ Amazing Dog House Designs (and Free Plans!)

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House your pup in style with a luxury doghouse and bed of natural materials!

Here’s some ideas from 1 Decore that will surely make your feel like someone special. From simple rustic to multi-story to ultra modern, this collection has ideas that will get you scratching your head. Some great ideas for “under the stairs” and “fake” furniture houses too! Click the image to see more.


Sniff out these 15 Amazing Dog Houses

What’s your preference Mr. Canine sir? Would you like to live in a spacious mansion with a shaped swimming pool? How about some “Urban Digs” with a windowed balcony? Or, is Green more your style? You get all of theses with this fine collection from Good Home Design. Click for more.


15 More Brilliant Dog Houses with Free Plans

I bet your dog would love to help you build his , wouldn’t he? I know mine would (until I started hammering. Then she’d hide). Some of these from Facts and Wonders could be completed in a couple hours, other might take a little longer, depending on your skill level. Click the image for details.


Samsung Unveils its Unique Smart Dog House

Any serious contender for your pup’s next should, of course, be smart. After all, you are both living in a high tech age. You probably use gadgets like smart phones and appliances, so why shouldn’t your dog? Everything is revealed in this short video.

Dog Houses From Amazon

Of course Amazon, the world’s biggest store, would have a ton of dog houses. If you haven’t found one to suit you yet, you might get some ideas from their huge catalog. (And, if you buy one from Amazon, I’ll get a tiny, tiny referral fee 🙂 ). Here’s a link to their catalog. Hey! This portable one is kinda cool.


Does Your Dog have A Great Dog House?

Or, do you have a friend who has a spectacular dog house? We’d love to hear about it. Tell us about it the comments below.

Be sure to post this on Facebook or Twitter. We’d like to hear about the best dog houses around, and that’s the best way to get the word out.

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