How to Transport An Injured Animal?

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injured-pet (1)If your was injured so seriously that require the hospitalization or veterinary examination, you will have to transport it with the all precautions so as not to aggravate the condition of your favorite animal. At the same time you need to take care of your own security, because the injured animal feels very scary and is in the shock, so it can bite you despite the fact that it loves you very much.

First of all, if you deal with the , put the muzzle on it. If you do not have a muzzle, tie a bandage on the snout of the , so that it does not interfere the dog to breathe through the mouth and nose.

If a dog or a cat is able to walk, help it to get into the car and give your pet the opportunity to lie as it is convenient. If you think that the animal can tear a wound or the injury prevents it from normal walking, lay it on a blanket, on the couch or a large bath towel and thus drag it to the car and drive to the cat .

If there is an open fracture, or an animal experiences the pain when you are trying to move it, it is better not to transport the animal to the cat and call the vet at home to provide the professional cat veterinary care.

How to make a bandage for the animal?

injured-pet (2)You need watch very carefully to the bandage was not too tight and did not violate the circulation. Too will fall and will not keep the medicine.

Fix the dressing (self-fixing bandages you can buy at any pharmacies), and in the end, take the tape and place it on both edges of the bandage, half glued to bandage half- directly to the shorn skin or wool of the animal.

The bandage on the wound needs to be changed every 1 – 2 days to make sure that there is healing.

How to give medicine to the animal?


injured-pet (1)Lift the pet’s chin up on the angle of 45 degrees, and place the neck of the bottle of medicines in the buccal bag between the molars and the cheek. Firmly grasp the lips of the animal around with fingers and pour the liquid. Similarly, you can give to your pet the large quantities of medicines.

You can also use special bottles, syringes and pipettes. But remember, that you should give to your pet only those medicines, which are prescribed by your vet, and the same about the quantity of the preparations!

Do not forget to consult your veterinarian from the cat veterinary clinic before and after taking the medicines.

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