Myth of tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves refuted

The good relationship between humans and was certainly influenced by domestication. For long, it was assumed that humans preferred particularly animals for breeding. Thus, cooperative and less could develop. Recently, however, it was suggested that these qualities were not only specific for human-dog interactions, but characterize also dog-dog interactions. and Zsófia Virányi from the investigated in their study if dogs are in fact less and more tolerant towards their conspecifics than .

They carried out several behavioural tests on dogs and wolves. The animals were hand-raised in the in Ernstbrunn, Lower Austria, and kept in separated packs of and dogs. Range and her colleagues tested nine wolves and eight .

Dogs express a steeper dominance hierarchy

To test how tolerant and dogs are towards their pack members, pairs consisting of a high-ranked and a low-ranked animal were fed together. They were fed either a bowl of raw meat or a large bone.

While low-ranked often defended their food against the high-ranked partner and showed behaviour as often as higher-ranked wolves, this was different in dogs. Low-ranked dogs held back and accepted the threats of the dominant dog. Overall, however, neither wolves nor dogs showed a lot of . If any, they showed threat signs.

“Wolves seem to be more tolerant towards conspecifics than dogs that seem to be more sensitive to the dominance hierarchy,” explains lead author Range. “This was shown by the fact that also low-ranked wolves can challenge their higher-ranked partners and the dominant animals tolerate it, while in dogs aggression was a privilege of the higher-ranked partners.”

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Cast: Tom Berenger, Christopher Walken, Jim Broadbent, JoBeth Williams, Pedro ArmendáRiz Jr., Victoria Tennant, Gyearbuor Asante, Thomas Baptiste, Alan Beckwith, Robert Berger and others .

the dialog at the beginning is from the uncut DVD-version.. original soundtrack (credits from the movie, song performed by Gillian McPherson) . Copyright Disclaimer Under Section.

‘The Dogs of War’ is a 1980 war film based upon the novel The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsyth, directed by John Irvin. It stars Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger as part of a small, internationa.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    • kakouille999
    • April 25, 2015

    Good movie..

    • GIOVANNI1955C
    • April 25, 2015

    One of Walken’s best. In the novel the main character Shannon finds out he
    has a terminal disease and walks into the jungle and commits suicide. Great

    • Rolando Cocom
    • April 25, 2015

    Belize in 1980 Movie “The Dogs of War” 16:32

    • Mark Cain
    • April 25, 2015

    One of my old favorites…

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