What’s good and bad about Yorkshire Terrier puppies

The is a small dog with a big personality. He is the most popular toy breed in the USA due to his devotion to his family, his elegant look and his suitability to apartment living. The is a vivacious puppy, with a lively spirit, he is psychically and mentally quick but he is also a dog which adores comfort.

Is the Yorkshire terrier the right breed for you? Before adopting a Yorkie puppy, you need to know everything about this breed, about what's good and bad about these dogs and to be sure that this breed is a good fit for your family.yorkiepuppies

What's good about Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Yorkies are small puppies, elegant and easy to carry and they are excellent companions. These puppies are clever, brave and energetic, they are bright and learn very quickly. Yorkie puppies are great companion dogs for many reasons:

  • They are very small; they don't take up too much space. You can easily walk them on a leash or hold them in your lap. Because of their small size, they adapt perfectly to apartment living. They don't need so much space and you can potty train them to go indoors or outdoors.
  • Yorkie puppies don't shed heavily like other breeds. They are perfect breeds fo allergy sufferers. Despite a Yorkie is a long-hair breed, he doesn't have an undercoat, this meaning that he rarely sheds. A very small amount of hair will fall when he is brushed.
  • Yorkies are puppies easy to travel with and they are less expensive to board than other larger dogs.
  • Yorkies don't need a lot of exercise.
  • They are loving, affectionate and devoting puppies. They love interaction with humans. When he is properly socialized, a Yorkie will be a friendly, well-rounded dog.
  • Yorkshire Terrier puppies are good watchdogs, they always announce strangers.
  • Yorkies get well with other pets.

What's bad about Yorkshire Terrier puppies

Yorkshire Terrier are not dogs for everyone. Keep these considerations in mind before you adopt a Yorkie puppy:

  • Yorkshire Terrier puppies are fragile dogs and if you have very small children, this can be a problem. Kids who don't know how to handle such a delicate pup can be problematic.
  • Housebreaking is a little difficult for Yorkies. They are not easy to be housetrained, but with consistency, patience and a lot of positive reinforcement you can potty train your puppy.
  • Yorkshire Terrier puppies need regular brushing, combing and trimming of the coat. If you don't have time to groom him, this breed is not suitable for you.
  • Some Yorkies can be very peaceful while others will bark a lot! Barking is the way he communicates with you, but sometimes it can disturb you and your neighbors. If you don't want to have barking issues with your puppy, you must train him properly.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are adorable canine friends. This dog is very enthusiastic for adventure, is energetic, loyal and brave. If you are looking for a loving, happy friend, this is the right breed for you. You can find here the cutest Yorkie puppies in the world. The negative traits can be minimized by choosing the right breeder and the right puppy and by training him to respect you.

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