How to train a Pomeranian puppy?

The Pomeranian is a little but with a big personality. Like any puppy, a Pomeranian needs to be trained to learn good manners and to become a good companion. are very intelligent and they respond well to consistent and . They need from an early age to prevent different behavior problems.

Basic obedience

You can begin the basic obedience at four or six months when most puppies have the mental capacity to learn basic commands, like sit, down and stay. You can use treats to encourage your Pomeranian the desired response. You must teach them properly, with the right tone of voice and the right body language. With repetition, the puppy will start to understand these basic commands. Be sure that your puppy thoroughly understands a command before you begin to teach him another one.



Give your puppy the opportunity to see other places, people and other . Socialization means introducing your dog to strangers, children, people of different ages, other dogs, and other animals, to make your puppy feel comfortable with everyone. In way, you will avoid behavior problems, like shyness or aggressiveness.

It’s important to teach a to feel confident when he is out in the larger world. Dog training classes and dog sport classes provide to your pup . Puppy socialization can start at 7 weeks old. You must pay attention to how your dog reacts. If he reacts properly, give him the chance to other socialization opportunities.

Leash training

Leash training should begin by having your puppy wear soft collars for short periods of time. After he gets accustomed with the collar, you can attach a leash to the collar and let your puppy lead you for a while. When you begin to teach your Pom to follow you, you must reward him with lots of praise and affection.


Pomeranians are protective puppies and they have a tendency to bark to strangers. Sometimes, bark can be annoying when it occurs too often. That’s why is important to train your puppy to be quiet on command. When your Pomeranian is barking say “quiet” and reward him if the bark stops.

House training

Pomeranians need to be house trained from an early age to make sure that they start out on the right track. It’s ideal to being potty training between six and eight weeks using pads on floor. When your puppy is older you can begin to train him to potty outside. You have to take your dog outside to a regular spot at every hour or at every two hours, especially in the morning, after meals and after waking up.

are easy to train with a consistent and positive training program. If you train him properly, your dog will be a wonderful companion. They need guidance to become that kind of companion every dog owner desires. For more information on the breed, visit the website.

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