A Guide to Shih Tzu Training

The  Tzu is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.

can be accomplished with gentle, consistent methods that focus on the important aspects including all of the basic training commands. And, as with any kind of dog breed, positive reinforcement is most essential when it comes to training of any type.

make the absolute perfect companion as these small yet sturdy dogs are friendly, good with children and other dogs, and love to please their owners. Thanks to their notable intelligence, relatively high trainability, and impressive energy levels, Shih Tzus frequently compete and do well in agility and obedience competitions.

Although the sooner you start Shih Tzu training the better, with plenty of persistence and effective methods you'll be able to train your dog to be a well behaved pet that's both happy and content. Gently play with your pup as soon as you're able, touching his paws while looking in his ears and mouth so that he'll be used to being handled as he grows older.

Socializing your Shih Tzu should be done as soon as possible to get your dog used to being around other people, sights, and sounds. And learning the simple “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” commands are important not only for their safety, but for the sanctity of your household as well.

House and Crate Training Your Shih Tzu

Because they're rather low to the ground, as you might suspect, Shih Tzus aren't fond of wet, cold weather when it comes to bathroom purposes. Paper training usually isn't recommended for the simple fact it may be difficult to retrain your puppy or dog to switch gears and learn to go outdoors instead. However, if you do opt for this particular method, be sure to place the papers near the door so they will hopefully learn to associate going outside with “going potty,” or whatever term you decide to use when Shih Tzu training.

Realize the youngest of puppies don't yet have the muscle control necessary to hold their bladder so accidents are inevitable and a dog should never be punished as not only is it cruel, but they'll only learn to fear you not obey you.

Take your Shih Tzu outside as soon as she wakes from sleeping as well as just after eating and playing each and every time. Also learn to recognize the telltale signs that your dog has some business to attend to outside such as sniffing the floor, walking around in circles, or whimpering. Having a small crate for your Shih Tzu can help greatly when it comes to housetraining or housebreaking as dogs do not like to soil their sleeping quarters, in fact they'll do just about anything to avoid it.

Crates also provide a haven for your dog, who is by nature, a den animal that needs a place to feel safe and secure, especially when you aren't able to keep a close watch during the curious puppy stage when it doesn't take much for a Shih Tzu to find himself in trouble.

Leave the crate open during the day so your dog is able to play inside, take naps there, or simply go there when they're feeling insecure so they'll learn to associate it with happiness and good feelings.

As you will discover, Shih Tzu training will be a time of great fun when you can develop a close, loving bond with your dog. Just remember that not all Shih Tzus are created equal as what comes easily to one may not to another, so have plenty of patience and lavish your dog with lots of love to make your training efforts enjoyable experiences for everyone.

Janet Marie Davis has been breeding, raising, and training Shih Tzu for over 25 years. During that time she has helped hundreds of Shih Tzu owners train and care for their dogs.
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Shih Tzu Training

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