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Q: We have a Yorkshire TerrierChihuahua mix that is about 10 months old. She resembles more of a , with longer hair. She was starting to shed some so we took her to the groomer and told them to cut her short. They cut her very short and now she looks more like a . Can you tell me if her hair will grow back? Will it look different or still get long? How long does that normally take?

A: Your pet sounds like an adorable mixed-breed puppy. It sounds to me like she would look pretty with long, medium or short hair, but if you prefer her with a short teddy bear look, that's the look your groomer should provide. Have no fear – her hair will grow back after her recent “crew cut.” It won't change color or texture, but it may take a while since the coats on these types of generally grow only about a quarter of an inch per month. 

hair is beautiful, silky and fine. Purebred Yorkies are shown in full coat with the hair gathered in a jaunty topknot atop their heads and their coat brushing along the floor. While this looks is beautiful gliding around the show ring, many pet Yorkie owners opt for a shorter cut for easier maintenance and because their look so cute this way. The name of this

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