Parvovirus In Shih Tzu Teacups

The Shih Tzu is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The Shih Tzu breed of dogs has come from different Chinese dog breeds like the Lhasa Apso as well as Pekingese. This breed is named as teacup because they are very small in size. They are so tiny that they will fit themselves in a teacup very easily. They are very cute. So each person would like to have them as their pet.

If you are taking the decision to buy a Shih Tzu teacup puppy, as an owner you should be aware of the various puppy diseases and should give your time to properly immunize these Shih Tzu puppies from these deadly diseases. One of the deadly diseases that Shih Tzu puppies face is the Parvovirus. It is one of the canine diseases that can cause the death of the teacup puppy.
This disease is everywhere in the surroundings and the Shih Tzu puppies are more prone to this disease. Although parvovirus happens in adults also, the puppies are more vulnerable to it because they are too small and fragile.

This virus appears on the feces of the Shih Tzu puppy that has been infected. The individual immunity of the puppy to parvovirus indicates the amount of infection. If the was vaccinated against Parvovirus, this immunity will be transmitted to the puppy and the puppy will be less affected. The Parvovirus disease is contagious. If a healthy Shih Tzu teacup gets contact with the feces of an infected one, it will also get this disease.

So the Shih Tzu puppies have to be properly vaccinated against this disease in their early years. The teacup puppy requires to be vaccinated every 3 weeks. This vaccination schedule has to be started when the puppy attains about 8 weeks of age and must be continued till it is 20 to 22 weeks old.

The signs of Parvovirus are lack of energy, loss of appetite and vomiting or diarrhea (bloody). So if your puppy shows these symptoms you have to directly consult with your vet. The smallest ones may die if not treated at once. They will dehydrate very soon. So if they get dehydrated, infected puppies need to be given a good amount of fluids. Parvovirus may take several days. It is very to keep the living space of the puppy clean. Killing the virus in the Shih Tzus area by washing it with bleach and water in a 1:30 dilution will help.

Teacups need love and care, and give the same back to their owner! If you are looking for buying a teacup puppy, contact us now at

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