Dog Grooming: Electric Clippers

Dog Grooming: Electric Clippers


Q: What are the best to use on a ? We would like to groom our two dogs.

A: The clipper I like best these days is the Oster Golden A-5 2-Speed model manufactured for and designed to handle everything from general purpose to precision clipping on any coat type. It's fairly quiet so it won't spook nervous dogs on the table. Priced at around $ 135, it comes with a #10 blade and can be used with sixteen different sizes as well as a full array of snap-on combs when a longer coat length is desired.

I must add that most groomers are passionate about the clippers they prefer and many may disagree with my recommendation. For everyday use, some favor the Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper, praising its easy maintenance, requiring no oiling of interior parts and quiet non-vibrating motor, said to cut down on arm fatigue. Using lower speeds for cooler running and shaving sensitive areas, the higher speeds are designed for finishing and heavier coat work. They cost around $ 200.

Your WAHL fans favor the , weighing only ten ounces and featuring a blade that adjusts to five cutting positions. Most users like to keep two battery packs on hand so one is always fully charged and ready for use. It comes with four snap-on combs and goes for about $ 160.

I recommend a

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