Shih Tzu Video: 10 Funniest Shih Tzu Videos



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      • G F
      • March 7, 2015

      غريبة هذا نباح والله غريبة هذا ذكرني بولد الجيران مشاكس وفقعو راسة قام يصيح
      زي الكلب ذا ليكون حد فقع راسة وقلب زي ولد الجيران 

      • Joshua White
      • March 7, 2015

      I was laughing my head of at the mirror one omg

      • Tokamorinki Mekurinno
      • March 7, 2015

      My dog does the same form of begging in video 2.

      • Noelle Jordan
      • March 7, 2015

      The dog in the first video has a disturbing cry. It is not a bark. It
      sounds like it is in serious pain. What’s going on there ?

      • Skelia The Animontronic Wolf-Fox
      • March 7, 2015


      • DEbbiE BrOwN
      • March 7, 2015

      this poor dog sounds like he’s in pain. help him. it sounds like he wants
      you to hush up. teehe no really. i hope he or she/s ok

      • XxAngiexXRPI .
      • March 7, 2015

      O.o um…….what’s wrong with the first Shih Tzu? (Cody) that howl sounded
      so unsettling. I <3 the Shih Tzu begging for the cookie. so cute ^.^ 4:06
      was hilarious too

      • EpicHeavyStuff
      • March 7, 2015

      is that baby laughing or crying?

      • Corgi Waddles
      • March 7, 2015

      I’ve seen animal abuse. THIS IS NOT ANIMAL ABUSE. I’ve seen it due to my
      Work background. Dogs aren’t as freaking sensitive as you think they are.
      Get over it. 

      • Joe Gonzales
      • March 7, 2015

      Wonder if the second shih tzu is doin the GANGMAN style XD

      • CheesymCpoofbaL
      • March 7, 2015

      This is not nice imagine all those people who want a dog in there life. But
      then people like u walk past the pet shop look in the window and see an
      innocent looking shih tzu then he says “hey look a dog I can make a YouTube
      video I’ll bye it because I’m so demented”. i really want a dog and I will
      always love it. Wow that was a great speech.

      • joshntn37111
      • March 7, 2015

      And to think at one time there were only 7 male and 7 female Shih tzus left
      in the entire world. Thank god for whoever saved this breed of dog because
      they are the absolute best kind of dogs to have. Shih tzus are by far the
      sweetest, cutest, most adorable dogs in the entire world. I love mine and
      nothing will ever change my mind about which brred is best!! The Shih tzu

      • Erica Blanco
      • March 7, 2015

      Lol the puppy in front of the mirror was funny..he runs his face into the
      mirror. Shit got real.

      • Noelle Jordan
      • March 7, 2015

      Ok, one or two little tricks, ok; but that one telling her dog to sneeze,
      sneeze, sneeze is a beaut. Dogs should be taught simple commands that
      serve a useful purpose like sit and stay. What she’s doing seems like
      taunting to me.

      • Linda York
      • March 7, 2015

      Some of the owners I think were borderline abusive and some of the babes
      sounded like dying cows LOL..I think one in mirror was pretty cute but not
      as cute or as funny as mine is!

      • Sandra Pak
      • March 7, 2015

      Most of these videos were NOT FUNNY. The dogs were frustrated and not

      • Armin Fangirl
      • March 7, 2015

      ShihTzus are soooo adorable and funny. I have 3 of them!

      • Asuza Nakano
      • March 7, 2015

      The first shih tzu sounds like an actual human guy screaming >_> I find it
      kind of creepy O.O

      • Alijah Miller
      • March 7, 2015

      I died laughing at the first shih tzu. AHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!

      • Inkshooter
      • March 6, 2015

      Imagine that human-like scream in the middle of the night…

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