3 Ways To Reduce Dachshund Digging

is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.

If you have an issue with up your yard it may well be because the Dachshund was bred to pursue, dig out and kill badgers, rats and mice. It is virtually impossible to stop all Dachshund , instead you have to discover to distract your Dachshund so they don't have the urge to dig.

Ways to Cut down Dachshund Digging

1. Construct a Digging Place for Your Dachshund
Instead of becoming discouraged as your Dachshund rips up your neatly mowed grass, make them a Dachshund digging place. A digging area may be as easy as dirt in a kiddie pool or a small section of your yard where your Dachshund is free to dig. If you make your Dachshund digging area attractive with sand or loose soil, your Dachshund will be attracted to that area and not your flawless turf.

2. Boredom
Dachshunds are smart dogs and get bored easily. If you have a problem with Dachshund digging you should think about enriching their environment. The right toys to keep your Dachshund engaged are those that are interactive and take time and energy for them to work out. Exercise is a vital part of decreasing digging as many Dachshund dig simply to burn surplus energy. Dachshunds need vigorous walks at least twice a day.

3. Prevent Your Dachshund Getting to your Garden
It may not look attractive, but a good way to discourage your digging Dachshund is to physically stop them getting to your flowers or grass. You can place chicken wire over your vegetable plot, or sow prickly shrubbery, neither of which feel good to dig on. If you don't wish to transform the appearance of your yard by adding thorny plants, a different way to stop digging is to put your plants in pots

It takes time, perseverance and patience, but it is possible to prevent Dachshund digging, by means of one or more of the solutions outlined above.

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