The first kobuviruses described from Africa

The first kobuviruses described from Africa

An international team of researchers led by scientists at the German Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) genetically describe the first kobuviruses to be reported from Africa. The results show that the viruses are less host-specific than previously assumed. The study has been published in the scientific journal Virology.

knowledge of the recently described genus Kobuvirus limited. In humans and livestock, kobuviruses are known to cause gastroenteritis and hence are important for both health and economic reasons. To date, canine kobuvirus is known to infect domestic dogs in Europe, the and Asia. Before the current study, the only wild carnivore known to be infected with canine kobuvirus was the red fox in Europe, and Kobuvirus infection had not been reported from Africa.

A team of researchers from the Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute, the Ecosystem Alliance (USA) and the IZW investigated Kobuvirus infection in wild carnivores in the Serengeti National Park (NP) in Tanzania, East Africa, and in domestic dogs living in villages outside the park. Using state-of-the-art molecular techniques, the scientists were able to provide the complete Kobuvirus genome from three wild carnivore species, the hyena, the side- jackal and golden jackal, and the local domestic dog.

These species were infected with canine kobuvirus strains genetically from those in geographical regions outside Africa. Interestingly, the strains infecting wild carnivores inside the Serengeti NP were genetically distinct from those infecting domestic dogs outside the park, and genetically distinct strains were detected in domestic dogs from different villages. By demonstrating for the first time canine kobuvirus in a non-canid host, the spotted hyena, the results of the study provide evidence that kobuviruses are less host-specific than previously thought.

Dogs News — Sciencedaily

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Lazarus Guidry as Buff Action Guy

The Bad Guys:
(#1)Top Scarry, (#2)Tanner Thomason,
(#3)Bryan Jackson, and (#4)Nicco Annan

Cast de doblaje
Anthony/Ian: Patrick Maul?n (Chile)
Rob Dyreck: Alejandro Bono (Argentina)
T?pico h?roe de acci?n: Claudio Valenzuela (Chile)

Los Tipos Malos:
(#1 y #4) Andr?s “RENO” Gonz?lez (Colombia)
(#2) Claudio Valenzuela (Chile)
(#3) Alejandro Bono (Argentina)

Written by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Finnerty
Produced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd
Produced by Ricky Llyod George | Line Producer: Phil Rogers

Post Supervision by: Ian Hecox, Ryan Finnerty, & Michael Gallagher
Edited by: Anthony Padilla & Michael Barryte
Visual Effects by: John Brown

AD: Jonathan Southard | PM: Ben Montague
Post Production Coordinator: Amanda Arellano
Prod Coord: Brendan Kennedy & Molly Matthews
Set PA/Cargo Van: Coltyn Seifert & Ben Prevost
Set PA: Teru McDonald | Set PA/Pass Van: Jon Burgess

DP: John Alexander Jimenez | 2nd Camera: Ian Webb
1st AC: Austin Harris | 2nd AC: Ivan Harder & Cody Preston Troxell
DIT: Joe Obering | Behind The Scenes: Phil Mohr

Sound Mixers: Josh Bissett & Marco Mejia

Gaffer: Chris Walters | Best Boy Electric: Tyler William Johnson
Swing Electric/Grip: Jason Klinger

Production Designer: Ryan Puckett | Art Director: Jon Bell

Make-up Artist: Joanna Klein | Costume Designer: Jocelyn Fizia

Stunt Coordinator: Ben Hoffman | Set Medic: Mike Wright

ITC Officers: Arturo R. Gomez & Mike Graham
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    • Jazo 19
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    Colaboraci?n con un skate y conductor de un programa que genial

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    Pobre t?pico h?roe fortachon de acci?n. El solo quer?a que lo elijan

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    como se llama la pelicula esa la del chavo con telefono de haker en

    • daniel cordero
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    XD dale al like para hackear youtube y hacer que tu canal se el mejor XD

    • February 19, 2015

    yo no entiendo si los dobla o los hace el

    • Neku900
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    O.O No puedo creerlo,un famoso con Smosh,o mejor dicho TIPICO HOMBRE DE
    ACCION CON SMOSH okno Que genial Rob Dyrdek :3

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    asgssashdg me dieron en las bolas ese es una falta al codigo masculino
    jajajajajaja XDDD

    • EDUARDO escarate salazar
    • February 19, 2015

    Para los q no saben
    Rob Dyrek es el de ridiculessnes
    En el MTV xD

    • JTK Brody
    • February 19, 2015

    No s? si ustedes saben, pero ese Rob Dyrdek, tiene un programa en MTV llama
    “Rid?culos”, es muy bueno. :D

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    Wow yo tambi?n quisiera una f?brica de fantas?as

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    lol im english

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    Joder, que pena que hallan puesto la MTV de pago en Espa?a… Echo de menos
    ver capitulos de verguenza ajena. :C

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    • February 19, 2015

    Gracias por invitarme a hacer al malote 2 y 4 asi hayq muerto como siempre
    en todos los dubs xd

    • ElSmosh
    • February 19, 2015

    ?Ning?n tipo malo puede enfrentarse a nuestros Hacks!

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    • February 19, 2015

    rob dyrdek no sabe actuar

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    que sentira patrick al decir ” nos la pasamos genial con nuestro amigo rob
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    La mejor pelicula de accion del 2014!!! XD

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