Outdoor Dog Beds: Do you even realize what you and your dog are missing!

You probably don't realize how many people never even have thought to look for an outdoor for their dog.  They grab the bed from the basement or the porch, use it outside in the spring and before they know it, it's fall and they need a new indoor bed!  Ughhhh!  Good thing you have thought about get an easy care, durable .  Ultimately, having a quality outdoor will save you time AND money!

Are you familiar with all of the doifferent types of outdoor dog beds available?  There are wateproof, cooling, ones that can be washed with a hose and even ones with shades built right in (perfect for on that uncovered deck or porch on a hot summer's day I mught add!)

My favorite is the Cool Bed III, made by K&H.  This thing uses water to help keep your dog cool, is an indoor and an , has available top covers, bolsters and more!


Another top seller is the .  Made of knitted fabric, this thing is raised on four legs to keep your dog off of the hot, hard ground, is flea and mite resistant, rugged and very easy to clean.  What are you waiting for?


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