Fail Toy Dog Lips Toy Review Mike Mozart And Coco Puff Jeepersmedia

FAIL Dog , Dog Toy Product Review by Michael “Mike” Mozart Your Toy and Product Guru of Jeepers Media. My Black Lab Coco Puff is today's special guest Reviewer. Coco Puff is a . . .

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    • Hi675445
    • August 13, 2009


    • ageshero
    • August 13, 2009

    the dog is say. “Dude…….srsly.”

    • iamjebus1234
    • August 13, 2009

    my n8s dog has one of them and uses it all the time XD

    • computerhiker2
    • August 13, 2009

    i give u 5 stars cause ur dog is cute lol

    • Hakonel
    • August 13, 2009

    my dogs would love it

    • PsilocybinMagic
    • August 13, 2009

    the trick is not to associate it with food. it’s a toy. this totally confuses her.

    • bmwforlife46
    • August 13, 2009

    Is he feeding the animal crisps? That is insane! The sugar in the crisps makes the animal too hyperactive, he should know that…

    • Salir
    • August 13, 2009

    It looks pretty suggestive too!Coco Puffs, great job on not putting shame unto yourself!

    • badkitty1245
    • August 13, 2009

    the end looks like a d*ck

    • bammargerarocks99
    • August 13, 2009

    its pepparoni he even said it dumbass

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