Everything You Need to Know About Dachshund Racing

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

has been around for many centuries. In the early 18th century, an event called coursing was a favorite pastime of the nobilities. During a coursing event, several greyhounds are pitted against each other in a friendly race. Baits were provided to entice the dogs to run as fast as they can. Although technically not a , coursing marked the start of modern day dog . Today, is getting more and more popular. It is quickly replacing the traditional greyhound racing. Competitive races for the dachshund or the wiener breed can easily attract tens of thousands of enthusiasts in a single event.

Modern day dachshund racing originated in Australia during the early part of the 1970s. The first racing show for dachshunds was originally a part a major that featured among Afghan Hounds and Whippet dogs. The sight of lovable wieners racing against each other in a safely controlled track captured the imagination of many dog enthusiasts and breeders. The first show was a fun event and a stunning success. By mid 1970s, wiener races became more global. Competitions and benefit shows were held in the United Sates, the UK, and other countries in Europe. In other words, racing of has been established already as a distinct .

There is no denying the fact that dachshund racing is one of the most popular dog sports today in North America. There are several state wide, regional, and national competitions that offer great prizes, trophies, and titles for individual dog and its breeder or owner. Although a popular sport nationally, it additionally has its share of critics. There are some canine clubs and originations that are worried the safety of the participating dogs. The criticisms however did not temper the popularity of the races. In fact, a single major event in the U.S. could attract as much as 20,000 spectators and hundreds of competitive wieners that are totally healthy and active.

If you want to get the lowdown about dachshund racing, then it is best if you can attend a special racing event. Almost every event that features wiener racing is well publicized in the mainstream media. By watching the race, you will be able to have a first hand experience how the races are held. Typically, the wiener race track is about 25 yards in length. But there are competitions where the length of the tracks can reach as much as 50 yards. Several dachshunds participate in the event. The first dog to cross the finish line will take the top prize. Like most competition sports, an event could be divided into several stages. The dogs will run through several elimination rounds before going into the final competition.

There is a good documentary about wiener racing. The film takes an inside look about the life competitive dogs and their owners. If you are interested in this kind of sporting event, then watching a documentary about wiener competition is a must. The inside information that you can watch will enable you to understand the intricacies and the lighter side of the races.

Do you want to more about dachshund racing and competition? Then take an in-depth look on dachshund racing by watching the award winning documentary about wiener competitions.

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