Coping With a Dog Who Sheds


Q. I have a Pug who really badly. Is there something I can do to limit or stop the shedding? I comb him, but it doesn’t help much.

A. Pugs are among the most endearing of small dog breeds. One look at their tragic-comic faces will chase your blues away. But there’s no doubt about it – these little characters are true shedding machines. Besides their horror at having their nails trimmed, I think it’s their only fault.

Yes, there are some things you can do to limit the shedding but no, you can’t stop it completely. I applaud you for trying to groom your Pug, but the comb is not the right tool for this short-haired double-coated breed. Until recently, I mainly advocated a rubber curry brush but I have added a new tool to my arsenal for pets like yours – the . It comes in several sizes; the small one would work best on your little guy. Use it like a brush, with steady strokes in the direction the hair grows, never against. It doesn’t cut the harder hair of the outer topcoat but removes the loose finer undercoat, the main culprit when it comes to shedding.

Used a few times a week – outdoors if it’s warm enough so you won’t need to sweep up the flying

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