Dachshund – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Dachshund

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The is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.

Breed Description

The Dachshund is an elongated low to the ground breed of dog that belongs to the hound family. They come in 2 sizes, the standard and miniature, and with 3 types of coats, the smooth, long, and wire haired. The typical Standard-sized Dachshund weighs 16-32 pounds and is 8 inches tall, while the is 6 inches and weighs 11 pounds below.


The Dachshund has three varieties of coat: the Smooth Coat variety has short, shiny, smooth coat that are never long and thick, with tails that taper gradually without much hair. The Wire-haired Coat that has a uniformly tight and coarse topcoat and fine, soft inner coat. They have beard and eyebrows, with shorter and smoother hair on the ears, and thickly haired tails. The Long-haired type has a sleek hair that sometimes have a little wave. It’s longer on the fore chest, and under the neck, ears and underside of the body, and should never be curly. Tails have the longest fur, and are carried like a flag.


The Dachshund is an active dog with astonishing stamina. They require daily walks, and enjoy playing in the park, or any safe open areas. Owners should keep in mind, however, that the Dachshunds tend to be stepped on due to their color.


The temperament of a Dachshund depends on the type of coat they have. The smooth-haired are usually friendly and alert. The long-haired being the reserved and more apprehensive around strangers, while the wire-haired Dachshund is the lively, active, but stubborn type.


Bred for hunting Badger, the Dachshund was originally developed in Germany centuries ago. Their elongated and shortened body was made to dig the prey through their den, forcing them to leave their burrows.


The three coat varieties of Dachshund require certain amount of grooming. Long-coated requires daily brushing and combing, the wire-coated needs professional trimming twice in a year, and the smooth-coated requires frequent rubbing with a damp cloth.

The Dachshund needs consistent and firm . But if trained, they make wonderful and loyal companion dog. As puppies, they should be taught who the pack leader is, as they can be stubborn, and may resist training.

This breed needs socialization as early as possible, to avoid being fearful, and suspicious of strangers. They should also be trained not to bark too much, and not to jump as this is dangerous for their back bone.

Dachshunds should be left in a crate if owners plan to leave the house even after he has been house trained. They tend to be destructive when bored, and when left alone for extended periods of time.


The Dachshund is a clownish breed that is known to be mischievous. A highly intuitive dog, this breed is usually seen as a companion than that of a hunter. This breed enjoys being around people, and never shows signs of timidity or aggression. This breed is generally a friendly dog, outgoing, and surely captures the hearts of every people he meets.

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