Save Money by Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Save Money by Trimming Your Dog’s Nails


Q. Our 7-year-old Harrier has very thick, hard . The groomer uses a and follows with a grinding tool on her . Since we are currently financially challenged, I am interested in grooming our dog’s myself. Can you please give me explicit directions on how to properly use a grinding tool?

A. The chore of trimming a dog's nails, whether with a trimmer or a dremel (grinding tool), can be challenging, depending upon the dog's personality and your own confidence and skill. But since your big boy is already used to both procedures at the groomer's, I see no reason why you can't perform this necessary task yourself.

As you know, this handyman's staple is primarily used to sand, grind and cut wood, but dog show folks have long used it to trim canine nails as well. Available in several sizes, one advantage it has over guillotine- or pliers-type nail clippers is that it leaves the nail edge smooth and rounded rather than sharp enough to cut the owner. (This happens a lot in grooming salons when exuberant pets greet their owners at pickup time.)

Grinding tools come with several different detachable tips. We use the round sandpaper drum mandrel attachment, about 1/2 -inch wide, but if working on a toy breed, you could use the 1/4 -inch instead. For <

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