Review: Rustic Stone Pet Memorials

To most loving losing a dog is much like losing a member of the family. A lot of pets are devoted best friends and companions and provide people unconditional love and warmth that would be nearly impossible to get from a human.

Mourning for the loss of a good friend or relative is expected and acknowledged and yet many believe that they won’t be permitted to grieve when their moves on. Frequently they fear being laughed at or ridiculed should they allow their hardship to be seen and yet they might be more connected to their dog than any human being they know.

For people who have gone through the anguish of losing a pet previously, this website provides a genuine opportunity to share the despair and openly mourn their passing. Never again will it be a shame to mourn your pet's loss of life from any place in the world.


RusticStoneI’m also a huge fan of rustic stuff. And, I’ve always felt there is nothing more essentially “rustic” than a dog. Sure, some dogs are pampered, adorned and groomed imitations of their owners, but deep down inside, they all have that “rough and tumble” hunter instinct.

So, what is more appropriate for memorializing a dog than a rustic plaque or headstone that reveals your true feelings? has dozens of beautiful pet memorials to choose from. The plaques can be wall mounted (I would consider mounting over a fireplace – I think that would be wonderful), the headstones could be used for a grave marker, and of course a rock with your thoughts carved into it could be placed just about anywhere. If you cremate your pet and spread the ashes, a carved stone can be used to mark the spot.


Multiple memorial styles, such as plaques, wall memorials, headstones, markers.

Multiple long-lasting materials available like sandstone, slate, marble, and something called York stone.

Dozens of available fonts and design patterns to choose from.

Professional help and advice from the friendly staff.

What I Like

’s website is very clear and easy to navigate, and they provide numerous services – like videos – to help you during your grieving process.

The designs are beautiful and the presentation is impressive. Excellent videos highlight many different memorials they have created.

The testimonial reviews on the website pretty much say it all – perfect! Fantastic! Awesome!

What I Don’t Like

It’s not really a dislike, but since Rustic Stone is located in the UK, I wonder how much shipping would cost to a location in the United States (like here in Idaho). You might want to choose a “lighter” memorial in that case.


Overall, I would give Rustic Stone 5 out of 5 stars (even considering potentially high shipping costs).


The pricing seems to be very reasonable, starting at approximately $65.00 US (since the site is UK based, a minor amount of currency conversion is involved :))

Check It Out

You can check Rustic Stone out here:


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