Kris is a large young male Labrador Retriever German Shepherd mix who wondered right through the front door of a hospital in Arkadelphia Arkansas on Christmas day looking for some Christmas Cheer.

is a Shepherd mix who through the door of a hospital in in on day looking for some Christmas .

Everywhere Kris wandered that day, he would have been able to smell Christmas dinner wafting through the air, and by now he was probably more than just a little hungry for some turkey and dressing. Lucky for Kris, a kind Samaritan at the hospital decided to help, especially since Kris didn't have any health insurance.

Kris got to spend Christmas night with his rescuer and family, enjoyed some good food and clean fresh water, and all in all everyone enjoyed lots of Kris-mas spirit.


Kris has turned out to be a wonderful dog with a great personality. He sits and shakes, and does great on a leash. He has never once shown any signs of aggression. He has been rabies vaccinated and had been neutered in the past. He has also broken his left front leg in the past, but it has healed. He still tends to limp, but the vet thinks he just needs to learn to walk on it again. Kris loves to play fetch or go for walks on a leash, and when he does his limp is not as noticeable as when he is walking about in the house. Perhaps Kris has figured out how to get some sympathy.

All Kris needs now for a happy new year is to find a home. He's going to make someone a great companion.

Kris is already housebroken. He needs a backyard to play in, and would probably enjoy the company of other dogs. It's not known how he will do around other dogs though, so it would be best to introduce him to others away from home and off territory. Kris will need to be walked daily to work on his leg, and get some of that lab energy out of his system.


Kris is described by his rescuer and foster as gentle and loving. He loves to be petted and played with. He likes to sleep right the bedroom on the floor, almost like he is watching over his owner at night.

For Christmas Kris got a stuffed mallard duck, and some soft blankets; he loves them dearly. He is doing well on Purina One dry dog food. He does great playing fetch, but needs to be taught to drop the toy. Kris is house trained, and knows his basic commands.

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