A Very Special Fundraiser

Listen to the Dogfather.

is trying to get back on her feet after first being attacked by a , and then getting rear-ended by another driver while she was recovering from the attack.

Even with mounting medical and therapy bills, she took it in stride and started a new career as an artist. As part of her therapy, she adopted a companion dog (the “Dogfather”) and now produces dog themed artwork in order to pay her medical expenses.

You can read more of her story here.

This is a fundraiser for . By making a contribution, you can receive one of her special designs, such as:

For a $10 donation you receive a “Dogs Rule” stoneware mug.

A $20 donation will net you either a hat or an adult t-shirt with your choice of designs from her gallery.

For $40 you get both the hat and the t-shirt.

Here's a couple samples from the gallery:



I encourage all of our readers to help Monica out with her dilemma. Even if each visitor to this site donated $1 it would go a long way to pay those medical bills. So, please, make your donation here.

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