Dog Activities In The Quad City Area?

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A Reader Asks…

I would like to get my golden retriever puppy into agility courses and maybe dock jumping like his parents. Does anyone know of any good clubs in the area for this?

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    • ♥Love Herds♥
    • August 11, 2009

    Well, there’s probably more than one “Quad City Area”, but I used this AMAZING tool called “the internet” and found the following:
    Take a looksee.
    ***EDIT: Okay, I apologize for the sarcasm, however, I think when it comes to finding a place to work with your dog, it’s all about how the place makes you feel. So I’d suggest some internet searching, and then get on the phone and ask questions. Find a place that makes you comfortable and excited :-). You’ll have fun!

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